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March 21, 2009

    CAIR's Chairman Larry Shaw Responds To American Citizen, Then Bans Him

    Online Radio host Gary Rice, of "The Rice Report and Radio Show" contacted CAIR Chairman Larry Shaw on March 19, 2009 to invite Shaw onto his program and get his reaction to Anti-CAIR's recent article titled: CAIR’s Chairman Larry Shaw; Useful Idiot or Co-conspirator?

     Mr. Rice, who is not a member of Anti-CAIR, was subsequently banned from any further contact with Larry Shaw, by Larry Shaw, who used his official legislative email account to respond.


Senator Shaw,

Below is the article sent out world wide by Anti-CAIR

Will you respond on my Radio Show?

--Gary Rice

[---Anti-CAIR Article---]

     Mr. Rice continues:

Dear Mr Shaw,

I have a simple straight forward online Radio show and I invite you to
either allow me to tape you or come live via phone and answer some questions
from my listening audience. My live studio audience is limited to 200 people
from just about every nation on the planet, but my radio show is broadcast
all over the planet and also on Short Wave Radio on some continents. Please
consider doing my show in the near future.


Gary Rice


The Rice Report and Radio Show


     Larry Shaw took the opportunity to respond to Rice's request, and issued the following email:


From: Sen. Larry Shaw []
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 2:33 PM
To: Gary Rice
Subject: RE: ANTI-CAIR

Good Afternoon Mr. Rice:

I pray these words find you blessed in God's favor.  Thank you for your
thoughts, however, as you may know this is a public e-mail domain and
anything that you send is public knowledge.  Allow this missive to serve to
my response to Anti-Cair.

The fact that you are Anti-Cair shows that there is a very frozen, bias and
prejudice mentality; I could go on with other adjectives in line with this
rationale. Speaking of the fact that the word "idiot" was used creates the
appearance of some form of mental illness among the group.  To expect a
civil dialogue when they are entirely locked into their anti-position would
be radioactive.   It is clear, no meaningful dialogue can occur, and to
expect anything else would be an exercise of futility.  I am sure you have
heard the old saying "you can not argue with a fool," this speaks for
itself.  I respectfully ask that you do not waste my time, the taxpayers of
North Carolina public domain space, or any other public or my personal
resources devoted to this issue.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of North Carolina's taxpayers that I
block your e-mails.  Any further communications that you send to this domain
will not reach me, but will be automatically deleted.

Again, thank you for your thoughts and I will keep you and your family in my
May God be with you always.

Larry Shaw


     Shaw's aggressive and dismissive treatment of an American citizen grants further insight into his judgment and character.

Andrew Whitehead

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