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002/07  January 16, 2007

    What is Happening With the FBI?

     In a curious series of statements, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) spokesman Bill Carter said this when questioned by Fred Lucas of CNS News about contacts between the FBI and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR):

"Law enforcement doesn't operate in a vacuum…the FBI works with them to investigate civil rights
matters and to ask for their cooperation in fighting the war on terror at home…there are elements
in any group that might be a concern…you could say that about every group.
Just because some are criminals doesn't mean everyone is a criminal."

     This brings to mind several problems with the FBI’s attitude toward CAIR:

     -    Numerous FBI senior staff, including the director, have attended CAIR dinners, award presentations, and gatherings.  As the FBI apparently has no problem with agents associating socially with CAIR officials with proven ties to Islamic terrorism, may we ask when the FBI will sit down to dinner with American NAZI Party members or the Ku Klux Klan?  After all, “… just because some are criminals doesn’t mean everyone is a criminal.”

     -    CAIR actively opposes every law and policy designed to protect the United States from attack…the FBI is charged with enforcing these laws…why does senior FBI leadership feel the need to break bread with members of a group which are, effectively, stabbing them in the back at every opportunity?

     Carter goes on to say that the FBI works with CAIR to “…ask for their cooperation in fighting the war on terror”…but is there one single example of CAIR lending support to the FBI that has resulted in an arrest on Islamic terrorism charges?

     (If so, we haven’t been able to find it.)

     Following the devastating attacks of 9-11, not to mention the attacks on the US Embassies in Africa, the attack on the USS Cole, and the Khobar Towers (among many others), one could excuse the average citizen beginning to wonder about the FBI’s attitude…and what drives it.

     One thing is certain…J. Edgar Hoover would not recognize the new FBI.

     How sad ....

Andrew Whitehead

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