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July 26, 2009


    Anti-CAIR Agrees With CAIR; “Flying Imams” Should Get Their Day in Court

    US District Judge Ann Montgomery will allow the "Flying Imams" case to go forward. Deciding that the imams behavior did not justify detention by authorities, Judge Montgomery commented that the imams were subjected to “extreme fear and humiliation of being falsely identified as dangerous terrorists.”

    CAIR's Nihad Awad stated:  "We thank all those who have supported the imams until now and ask for the continued support of all those who reject profiling and value religious freedom, tolerance, and mutual understanding,"

    Anti-CAIR also applauds the ruling from the judge allowing this case to proceed as it will help to establish whether Muslims in America are part of a privileged, protected class or not.

    In the event that the jury were to rule in favor of the imams claims, Anti-CAIR proposes several immediate actions take place:

       We call on the federal government to immediately establish “security check free” areas of airports, train stations, ocean liner terminals, and other critical infrastructure open to the public to allow properly identified Muslim travelers to traverse secure areas unimpeded by security checks or so-called “profiling”. 

       • Muslim travelers will be issued with special badges that will prevent any questioning of their behavior, regardless of how threatening or bizarre it may be.

Muslim travelers will be allowed and encouraged to run up and down the aisles of aircraft, demand equipment they don’t need, and to generally do whatever they can to terrorize their fellow passengers.

   In the event the jury finds the imams were in the wrong, we will call on American Muslims to behave ... like Americans.

       • Take responsibility for their actions.

       • Stop demanding special privileges based on religion.

       • Accept the fact that Muslims are no different, no better, than any other American.

Andrew Whitehead


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