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022/06  June 3. 2006

     CAIR:  Calling for SecDef’s Resignation

     On May 31, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called on U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign over the alleged massacre of Iraqi civilians by US Marines in the Iraqi city of Haditha last November:

     While it is not surprising that CAIR would call for Rumsfeld’s resignation; CAIR’s statement is just one more example of CAIR’s chutzpah:

"Throughout history, leaders of military forces have accepted
ultimate responsibility for the actions of those under their command.
Given the seemingly unending stream of blunders, abuses and
unjustified killings on Secretary Rumsfeld's watch, it is time for him
to demonstrate in concrete terms that with power, comes accountability,"

     However, does not CAIR claim that most every trial of a muslim in the United States is the result of “Islamophobia” and that we should not “rush to judgment” in judicial matters?

     Doesn’t the Secretary of Defense deserve the same consideration that CAIR demands for Islamic terrorist suspects?  Or is “not rushing to judgment” reserved for muslim terrorism suspects only?

     CAIR’s record of defending Islamic terrorists leads us to believe that when CAIR speaks of  “unjustified killings” they can only be referring to muslim terrorists who wantonly murder and maim as a matter of religious policy.  If CAIR’s “well known” defense of civilians refers to Iraqi civilians, we must ask why CAIR doesn’t show the same concern for black muslims in Darfur?  CAIR’s defense of Islamic terrorists is certainly curious and seems to be limited to Islamic terrorists who are currently murdering North Americans, or attempting to do so.

     CAIR does not have the credentials or credibility to call for the dismissal of a county dog catcher, let alone the SecDef ...

Andrew Whitehead

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