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030/06  July 13, 2006

     CAIR: Supports Somalia's Barbaric Islamic Government

     On Wednesday, 28 June, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), posted a “CAIR in the News” item on their web site.

     Ahman Al-Akhras, CAIR vice chairman, writes:

“What has happened in Somalia, for the majority of Somalis inside and those who are abroad,
is a positive change. I truly suggest that we should not prejudge this change, or any change
for that matter, based on the religious affiliation of those in power.”

     “Positive change”? Does this mean that the thousands of Somalis in North America will be leaving the U.S. soon and head home to help rebuild their new Islamist paradise? Somehow, we don’t think so. What do these Somali immigrants know that we don’t about this “positive change”?


     Failing to pray five times a day is now a death penalty offense.

     Social mixing by men and women is forbidden.

     Music, of any type, is banned.

     Television viewing is no longer permitted.

     Public lashing is now the norm for various violations of Sharia law.

     Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys has been appointed the new leader.

     CAIR calls this a "positive change" and "suggests" we not "pre-judge" this change. However, history has shown that whenever CAIR rushes in, it is often to defend and justify the actions of an Islamic terrorist, or suspected Islamic terrorist. In this case, CAIR doesn't disappoint - Somalia's new leader,  Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys is a suspected al-Qaeda collaborator.

     CAIR has, once again, defended the indefensible simply because Islam is involved.  Is there no Islamist group, no Islamist crime, no Islamist policy so vile, so hateful, so anti-human rights that CAIR will condemn it? 

     Apparently not.

     CAIR believes it can "educate" North Americans to accept an ideology that calls for enforcement of prayer on threat of death, the banning of music, the public lashing of opponents, a prohibition on TV, or the end of social mixing by men and women, as a "Positive Change"? 

     No amount of "education" by CAIR – Funded by the Taliban-supporting UAE - or any other Islamic terrorist supporting hate group will make this happen.

     Once again, CAIR has give us a picture of the “Positive Change” that will occur if Ibrahim Hooper’s vision of our Constitution being dumped for Sharia Law is realized.

     How many times must CAIR tell us what they have planned for us ... before we begin to listen…and heed…their words?

Andrew Whitehead

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