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 039/06  September 25, 2006

     CAIR:  Keith Ellison, Maverick or CAIR Bootlicker?

     The mid-term elections are on, and Minnesota Democrats have elected Keith Ellison as their candidate for the House of Representatives.

     Ellison, an American-born convert to Islam, is an interesting person on many levels.  First, Ellison once worked with the Nation of Islam (NOI), a Muslim-in-name-only “Islamic” hate group headed by Louis Farrakhan, a vicious anti-Semite and racist.  Ellison explained away his ties to Farrakhan’s hate group by explaining that he “…failed to scrutinize Farrakhan's positions sufficiently.”

     This alone should disqualify Ellison from representing the good people of Minnesota.

     Second, Ellison has accepted funds and support from several leading CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) personalities, including Nihad Awad, the executive director.  Awad donated $2000, and CAIR’s Director of Government Affairs, Corey Saylor, also chipped in to Ellison’s campaign.  Previously, Awad had apparently delivered several checks to Ellison’s campaign totaling around $10,000.  Not a bad day for Ellison’s campaign, but it makes one wonder what CAIR is getting in return for the cash.

     The fact remains that senior CAIR staffers do support Islamic terrorism and this is not exactly a state secret.  Anyone with the slightest interest in CAIR’s relationship with Islamic terrorism and terrorists only need take a digital tour through any search engine.

     The Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) was founded in 1981, and Musa Abu Marzook was its founder.  The IAP brought members of Hamas into the country to give speeches vilifying Jews and attacking the United States in the 80’s and 90’s.  When Marzook was finally removed from the country, CAIR protested.  And no wonder, Omar Ahmad, CAIR co-founder, had been the president of the IAP, and Nihad Awad, CAIR executive director, was the IAP public relations director…Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesperson, was an IAP employee.

     Why bring this up?  Marzook is a senior member of Hamas…the self-same group that has terror-murdered American citizens…a group that CAIR has never condemned.  Considering CAIR’s ties to Marzook, it’s no wonder that CAIR can’t bring themselves to condemn the group led by their old mentor, Marzook.

     So, we have Ellison accepting the support of CAIR, which was birthed from the IAP by a senior member of the terrorist group Hamas, and Ellison apparently has no problem with sharing the stage with CAIR stooges or accepting their grubby money?

     What does this make Ellison?

     The fact is, Ellison wants to represent the people of Minnesota with the support of CAIR, a group whose senior leadership worked for an Islamic terrorist whose group has terror-murdered Americans.  Why would any American want to support Ellison?

     Can anyone explain just how this qualifies Ellison for the House of Representatives ...?

       *Read More:  CAIR's Awad  Denies Support For Hamas

Andrew Whitehead

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