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041/06  October 15, 2006

     CAIR:  Attacking Shawn Steel for Telling the Truth?

     The Council on American-Islamic Relations is at it again.  CAIR, a Washington, D.C. based Islamic terrorist supporting hate group tell it, Shawn Steel is the devil incarnate.

     Steel’s offense?  He dared call attention to the background of Bill Dalati, an immigrant insurance agent running for office in Anaheim, California.  Dalati is running as a Republican for city council.

     Steel rightly points out that Dalati has the backing of CAIR and called CAIR a “pretty radical, nasty group” in a letter he wrote that ended up on a blog.

     For most Americans, a CAIR endorsement is the kiss of death for any candidate for public office, and this is as it should be.  CAIR does not throw out endorsements lightly and all Americans should be asking what the payoff is for CAIR should Dalati be elected.

     Steel goes on to point out Dalati’s attendance at an anti-war rally, his non-support for President Bush in the recent election over the Iraq War issue, and Dalati’s support for Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, who is a Democrat and a well-known anti-Semite.

     Hussam Ayloush, CAIR’s Southern California chapter director, had this to say about Steel:

“The people of Anaheim would appreciate it if outsiders with personal political agendas
would keep their divisive political views away from the city…for Muslims to witness
what is happening in this campaign, it only makes us realize what it must have
been like for Catholics, Jews and African Americans to run for office.”

     (Too bad that Ayloush doesn’t take his own advice about outside interlopers)

     Ayloush sued Steel a few years ago…and dropped the lawsuit.

     Ayloush had his shot at Steel and chose to run rather than put up a fight to defend himself in court. 

     What does this tell us about Ayloush that he believed his own “honor” wasn’t worth defending? 

     The bottom line is that Steel is telling the truth about Dalati (and Ayloush), and his masters at CAIR simply cannot abide the truth…

     ACAIR predicts that as more information about Dalait’s ties to CAIR and extremist personalities comes to light, the good voters of Anaheim will do the right thing and turn their backs on Dalati and his “pretty radical, nasty group” of friends at CAIR.

Andrew Whitehead

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