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028/06  June 28, 2006

     Customs & Border Protection Puts on Tour for Terrorist Supporting CAIR

     On Wednesday, 21 June, the Council on Islamic-American Relations – Chicago (CAIR-Chicago) was taken on a guided tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) operations at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

     The tour included other Chicago area Muslim leaders.

     From CAIR-Chicago:

“The meeting was part of an effort to build relationships between
the Muslim community and different government and security organizations
that work in the airport in order to proactively facilitate communication,
avoid cultural misunderstandings and help to educate travelers about the
ways that they can possibly avoid unwanted delays at the airport.”

     USCBP is interested in “building relationships” with CAIR, a group that has proven ties to Islamic terrorism, supports Muslim terrorists, that accepts funding from Islamic terrorist supporting country’s and individual’s. 


     What possible reason could the USCBP have for discussing anything with the very same people who defend those who are trying to kill us and turn our country into another cheap, thuggish, Middle-Eastern Islamist theocracy whose very presence on our planet is an insult to civilization?

     Keep in mind that CAIR defended Omar-Abdel-Rahman, the “blind sheik” who is currently serving life for planning a series of attacks on New York City.  CAIR also ran in to defend Sami Al-Arian, who is currently serving time for helping Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a Muslim terrorist group that murdered an American in a suicide bomb attack.

     This group was taken on a walk through the point-of-entry, customs stations, agricultural screening and interview rooms.  In addition, USCBP agents described the "Passenger Lookout Override" system that was implemented two months ago, in which a passenger who has the same or a similar name as a person with a suspicious record can be distinguished from the actual suspected person.

     Isn’t that nice of the USCBP? 

     Provide CAIR with a guided, behind the scenes tour of customs facilities, explain how programs designed to catch Muslim terrorists work and then after the next Muslim terrorist attack that might come through O’Hare, ordinary Americans will be left wondering how it happened.

     Americans will know...but the USCBP won’t have a clue.

     CAIR-Chicago ended their article:

“CAIR-Chicago looks forward to continuing the relationship with
U.S. Customs and Border Protection offices in the region, and to furthering
understanding between the organizations as well as facilitating future
communication in order to eliminate problems for Muslim travelers
before they even arise.”

     No wonder.  CAIR got everything it wanted from this tour: official recognition by a government agency, a tour of facilities, a chance to whine about how Muslims are “oppressed” at O’Hare, and who knows what else?

     We suggest, in light of the above, that USCBP consider adding a new entrance/exit station in the Customs area of O’Hare for “Muslims only”.  There would be no check of baggage, no pesky questions asked and only one staffer on duty to check that each Muslim passenger had an ID card issued by CAIR.  Any USCBP staffer who said anything other than “Salam alaykum” to a Muslim passenger would immediately be reassigned to the Customs Post on Johnson Atol in the Pacific…after 50 lashes for “disrepecting Islam”.

     Would this make CAIR happy?

     Once again, the rubes have been conned by the Muslim terrorist supporters of CAIR. 

     If you go out on your porch and listen very carefully, you can hear the laughter eminating from CAIR-Chicago headquarters over another “mission well done”.

     Today, America is another step closer to becoming an Islamic theocracy, thanks to the USCBP ...

Andrew Whitehead

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