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November 29, 2011

    CAIR:  Ahmed Rehab In A Snit Over Truth

     Ahmed Rehab, director of CAIR’s Illinois chapter of the infamous Islamist-terrorist-supporting group, is having yet another bad day.

     It seems that Ray Mauro had the nerve to write the FrontPageMagazine article “Illinois State Government’s Muslim Brotherhood Love Affair” detailing the truth behind some of the odious characters appointed by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn to his “Muslim American Advisory Council.”
     The article speaks for itself.

     However, there are some interesting points Rehab brought up in his commentary on Mauro's FPM article that was posted on the CAIR-Chicago website.

     Rehab goes way out of his way to indicate that CAIR-Chicago is "independently registered" in the State of Illinois and was never "designated" as an unindicted co-conspirator.

     Why does this matter?

     CAIR Founder Omar Ahmad was captured on FBI wiretaps during the infamous "Philadelphia Meeting" attended by Hamas members and sympathizers, where he boasted: "Registering an organization is easy.... I could register 100 organizations in 100 cities in one day..."  Omar Ahmad soon forged ahead with Co-Founder Nihad Awad, Convicted Terrorist-Supporter Ghassan Elashi, and others, to create CAIR Chapters across the United States and Canada, including CAIR-Chicago. As a matter of fact, Omar Ahmad was so confident in his ability to create his organizations in America that he lamented, during the Philadelphia Meeting, over a lack of Islamofascist manpower to fill the positions he would create, stating:  "I mean, we don't really have available people whom we could dedicate for the work we want to hide..."

     Silly Ahmed Rehab! CAIR-Chicago calls itself CAIR for the same reason every other CAIR chapter in North America does. They share the same goals, ideology, and support.  It is like claiming McDonald's in California is independent from McDonald's in Florida. It is a distinction without a difference.

     Rehab also claims to be an advocate for a liberal, secular democratic government that respects freedom of religion.  He even name-drops the crocodile-tear-shedding “Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison” as being on a panel in Egypt.  Of course, from Ellison’s record of supporting Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S., it would be surprising that anyone advocating a liberal, secular democratic government that respects freedom of religion would even consider Ellison capable of speaking intelligently on the subject.

     On a side note, Rehab claims he voted in the elections in Egypt. Just why is a person claiming American citizenship voting in an Egyptian election?

     Rehab goes on to bash FrontPageMagazine's David Horowitz and others who work to defend North America from the onslaught of Islamist terror with the usual tired CAIR rhetoric. 

     If Ahmed Rehab really feels that Horowitz and company are such liars, why doesn’t he sue them?

     Rehab can't sue Horowitz or anyone else in the anti-terror movement for the same reason CAIR’s lawsuit against Anti-CAIR founder Andrew Whitehead miserably failed. The truth about CAIR is what it is, and there is nothing Ahmed Rehab or any other member of the CAIR fascist-hate franchise can to do change it.

Andrew Whitehead

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