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June 2, 2010

IDF Attacked Boarding Flotilla Ship

     CAIR: Blame the Jew! IDF Attacked By Peace Jihadists Boarding Gaza Flotilla Ship

     The modern State of Israel recently attempted to peacefully dissuade a flotilla of ships from landing “humanitarian” supplies at the blockaded Gaza Strip. The flotilla was invited several times by the Israeli government to offload the supplies in Israel proper where the supplies would be delivered once they had been inspected for contraband. The flotilla was determined to run the blockade and was boarded by elements of the IDF.

     There is indisputable video evidence of how murderous the Jihadist occupants of the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara planned to become as they attacked an IDF boarding party. As they were boarding the ship, the leading element of IDF Commandos who were carrying non-lethal paintball guns were immediately and viscously attacked and beaten by men wielding clubs, steel rods, knives, wrist-rocket slingshots and other instruments meant to maim and kill. The IDF soldiers were given permission to use their sidearms only after one of them was thrown 30 feet from the upper to lower deck.

     The Hamas Brothers of CAIR ignore these glaring facts.

     As expected in a case such as this, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) went into immediate “Blame the Jew” mode of operation.

     From the hate-spewing mouth of CAIR’s Terrorist-Supporting National Executive Director, Nihad Awad: "It is imperative that President Obama not only speak out strongly against this massacre of civilians but also demonstrate our nation's outrage at Israel's brutal actions by taking concrete steps to end the humanitarian siege imposed on Gaza with America's support."

     CAIR notes that there were former ambassadors and even a “Nobel Peace Prize” winner sailing with the flotilla “peace activists”.  How interesting that these supposedly educated people would make common cause with Islamist’s who would reward those who help them by "murdering them last."  As for the Nobel Peace Prize winner, there isn’t a rational person alive on the planet with any respect for a “prize” awarded to the odious Yassir Arafat or other Jew-hating political figures.

     Bloated CAIR Stooge Ibrahim Hooper weighed in with a predictably misleading statement concerning maritime law:  "Israel had no right under international law whatsoever to land military forces on civilian ships in international waters."

     Stanford Law professor Allen Weiner, former State Department lawyer and legal counselor at the American Embassy in the Hague makes the international law issue clear:  "The Israeli blockade itself against Gaza itself is not illegal, and it's okay for Israeli ships to operate in international waters to enforce it."

     The governments of Germany, France, and Turkey have joined in the chorus of condemnation and scorn on Israel.

     Has the world truly gone mad?

     The Israeli Navy intercepted the flotilla in a attempt to prevent the landing of uninspected goods destined for Gaza and into the hands of Hamas- an organization that eats, lives, and breathes the killing of Jews- and it is the Jews fault for refusing to lie down and have his head cut off?

     Europe, no great friend of Jews; where violent skinheads routinely parade in NAZI-type gear with red and black flags reminiscent of the Third Reich, where the Holocaust was planned and carried out not only by Germans but with the eager help of Vichy France and other assorted anti-Semites in other lands, dares to lecture Israel about International Law?  Where was International Law during the Holocaust? Where is the law today? Where is the law when French Police refuse to enforce the law in "no-go" Islamist enclaves throughout France? Where is Great Britain when Islamists routinely hold protests displaying murderous threats and slogans supporting the death of non-muslims, Christians, and Jews and are protected by the Metropolitan Police?

     And yet Europe would presume to lecture the Jews of Israel.

     The Jews learned a hard, bitter lesson from the Holocaust. If they do not stand up for themselves, nobody will.

     The United States will be torn apart if even half the subversive goals of CAIR are met. We already see radicalized Muslim extremists in the highest levels of our government and serving in our military and the police forces of our communities. The Jews of Israel see this and they do the one thing we won’t: they draw the necessary lessons and then prevent it from happening to them.

     If we are serious about preserving life, we must aid and support Israel.

     Israel is not, like many countries, asking us for troops. They only want the means and the good wishes of the United States to do exactly what the United States would do: defend their homeland from attack.

Andrew Whitehead

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