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August 1, 2010


      CAIR's Fascist Tactics, Cordoba House, & The Park51 Islamic Community Center

      Much has been written lately about the “Cordoba House”, now known as the “Park51 Islamic Community Center”.  What hasn’t been properly explored is the significance of Park51 to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); a Washington, D.C. Islamic “Muslim civil-rights group” actually created to support Hamas activities in North America.

     CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper, had this to say:

    “Why is all this bigotry and hatred being employed to stop the construction of a community center that will house recreational and banquet facilities, meeting rooms, an auditorium — and yes, a prayer space for Muslims and people of other faiths? … The constitutional rights of American Muslims must not be left in the hands of those who exploit and promote fear of the “other” and use the same divisive tactics that have harmed so many other societies throughout history.”

     CAIR issues a statement, makes a charge of  "anti-Muslim" bias, and when the statement is rebutted by critics with actual facts or tough questions, CAIR only has to wait for fellow travelers to jump on the bandwagon and attack any opposition, the facts and truth be damned. Unfortunately with CAIR, the truth is rarely part of the equation when a charge of “bias” is involved.  Hooper can’t argue the facts, but he can throw up a cloud of smoke to confuse the issue. We have seen that the very real threat of radical Islam isn’t appreciated or understood by a significant portion of the press. How else to explain that most every statement made by those who sympathize with radical Islam is purposely designed to invoke an emotional, rather than rational response?  CAIR goes with what works. By painting every question involving Islam as “bias”, Hooper knows he will shut down any investigation by the mainstream press and get what he wants - softball questions and squishy answers that are essentially meaningless.

     CAIR will defend the indefensible simply because a Muslim happens to be involved.  For instance, Hooper recently suggested, without any evidence, that an arson attack on a Georgia mosque was “anti-Muslim bigotry”.  When it was discovered that the arson was committed by a Muslim, Hooper attempted to excuse his irresponsible propagandistic attempt to score points by saying “You have to use the information that you have at the time.”  Another recent case of Ibrahim Hooper's fraudulent accusations of anti-Muslim bias involved a Muslim activist who found a packet of "white powder" in a letter. Hooper said: “Whenever a person known publically for their religious views is allegedly targeted in this way, federal law enforcement authorities should investigate the incident as a possible hate crime.”  However, there was no "hate crime"- the packet was silica beads contained in a eBay letter sent to the man's wife.  When Hooper was informed of the eBay letter and false alarm, he said: “It’s always good to be cautious given today’s atmosphere in our society.”

     No investigation. No apology. No shame. Hooper never has a problem getting false accusations of "anti-Muslim" bias on the five o'clock news and this is no different as he dutifully deflects uncomfortable questions surrounding individuals involved with the Park51 project. Ibrahim Hooper is exactly as he appears. A propagandist for the vilest, misogynistic, fascist, dictatorial, and anti-human rights ideology in recorded human history. Radical Islam.

     It is evident that Hooper and CAIR support the Park51 project because they know that radical Islam will score a victory regardless if the center/mosque is built or not. Should Park51 not be built, expect Hooper to trot out the old tried-and-true “anti-Muslim bigotry” label.  Should that fail, he can call it “racism”.  Either way, Hooper knows that both terms appeal to those in our society who allow their knee-jerk emotions to overrule their common sense.

     CAIR uses the charge of “bias” to deflect what Project51 represents to supremacist groups like CAIR; an “in your face” challenge to everyone opposed to radical Islam. The end goal of CAIR and radical Islamists is not necessarily constructing Park51. CAIR's goal is to clearly demonstrate their ideology is gaining ascendancy in the United States and the opinion of Americans doesn’t matter.

     We've entered a new phase in the battle against Islamist fascism in North America. 

     We don't see real debates between Islamist terrorist supporters, like CAIR, and those who know the real threat of radical Islam in North America. Will the coward Ibrahim Hooper ever debate Dr. Daniel Pipes?  Or how about Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism?  Hooper will never debate these men and the reason is simple. Facts trump emotions every time people are given the facts. CAIR counts on an uncritical press and public to do its bidding and so far the mainstream press hasn’t let them down.

     CAIR's true intentions were discovered when the FBI wiretapped the notorious "Philadelphia Meeting" attended by Hamas members, supporters, and soon to be CAIR founders Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad. In these wiretaps, Omar Ahmad boasted of the ease in which he could create "Islamic" organizations in America, and how they did not have enough people at the time to perform the work they wanted to "hide."

     Omar Ahmad and CAIR have never answered what type of "work" Ahmad intended to hide.

     And just what is CAIR hiding in it's support for Project51?

Andrew Whitehead

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