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January 12, 2014

CAIR:  Defending the Faith?

     The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been very busy these days.  For those who follow Anti-CAIR, we’ve been posting tweets (see how to follow below) on CAIR’s activities in support of Islamic terrorism, Muslim terrorists, and their utilization of “useful idiots” in all levels of government, law enforcement, and media.

     A sampling:

     CAIR's Hussam Ayloush, when confronted in a video interview with facts about CAIR’s complicity in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism case, chose to name-drop & compare CAIR’s plight with the FBI to that of Martin Luther King. Forget that there has never been a case in our nation’s history of any Muslim held as a slave with the approval of the state based on religion. For CAIR to compare American-Muslim issues to the history of slavery and the civil rights struggle of black Americans is an insult to everything that MLK stood for. Ayloush also makes the laughable claim that CAIR doesn't meddle in Middle East affairs. Really? What about Syria? Egypt? Israel? Shame on Ayloush. When Ayloush is called out over CAIR’s HAMAS ties, he quickly attempts to avoid the issue by attacking the videographer. What more proof do we need that even Ayloush doesn’t believe his own propaganda? Ayloush, in defending HAMAS by refusing to condemn, makes him, in our opinion, look exactly like the Islamic terrorism supporter we believe him to be.

     CAIR suddenly discovers that the Washington Redskins football team is named after Native Americans. This belated enlightenment allows CAIR to, once again, bleat about an issue that CAIR really shouldn’t have gotten into. (Just who does CAIR research and why does CAIR assume every American is an idiot?) CAIR’s national executive director Nihad Awad said in a statement:
    “We join with all those who are opposed to racist, stereotypical and derogatory athletic team names or mascots and urge the owner of the Washington ‘Redskins’ recognize the hurt he is causing to Native Americans and the harm such stereotypical portrayals do to our nation’s ideals of inclusion and respect for all citizens, regardless of their racial, ethnic or religious background,”

     On the surface, this sounds like one of those typical sound bites that DC-based reporters jump on as it allows the reporter to fill space with garbage commentary while attempting to be “inclusive” of “minority rights”. Nonsense. The Washington Redskins have been around for far longer than CAIR, and for a “civil rights” group to just now notice is not only hypocritical, but incredibly lazy. CAIR can’t come up with anything original so they resort to attempts to clumsily steal thunder from any issue that CAIR believes will advance Islamist supremacy in North America. And once again, CAIR attempts to compare skin color with religion to advance CAIR’s propaganda.  
    Back to the “Redskins” name.  How do we know CAIR is the last organization that should be talking about sports team names?  After a very careful perusal of CAIR’s national website, Anti-CAIR found zero information on CAIR condemning any sports teams named after Islamic terrorists who have committed some of the most heinous crimes imaginable in the Middle East. We also did a rather cursory look around the world and found that radical Islamists seem to be the only group naming sports teams after murderous Islamist cowards who slit the throats of women and babies simply for the crime of having been born a Jew. These are CAIR’s heroes, and let us never forget it. Anti-CAIR is sure that no print newspaper in North America will ever ask Awad to explain this. Wonder why?
     Anti-CAIR has noted that CAIR left off Anti-CAIR from a poster CAIR generated for yet another report on how Americans "hate" Islam. Wonder why? Could it be because Anti-CAIR refused to knuckle under to CAIR’s lawsuit against us?  That we focus solely on a group of vile Islamist supremacists who created CAIR to support the terror-murderers of HAMAS and promote the supremacist goals of the Muslim Brotherhood? That we refuse to run from CAIR’s smarmy tactics to suppress free speech about CAIR’s proven support for Islamic terrorism and the odious Sharia Law which is in no way compatible with representative government?

    Quite frankly, we are going to work extra hard to make sure CAIR gets no break from being exposed as apologists and supporters of Islamist terrorism and we applaud those brave organizations that made CAIR’s enemies list.
Andrew Whitehead
Director Anti-CAIR

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