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April 23, 2010

      CAIR-Chicago; “Labels Are Inflammatory And Wrong”

      Christina Abraham, civil right director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) wrote a recent column for the Naperville Sun complaining that labels are wrong; particularly as they apply to CAIR.

     Abraham briefly mentions the Irshad Learning Center's desire to have their property used as a religious institution. When the DuPage County Board refused a permit, CAIR-Chicago filed suit charging the county board with violating the learning center’s federal rights. Abraham insists that this is an example of the local community labeling all Muslims as a potential threat.

     Abraham’s column spins off from a run-of-the-mill permit fight, to Abraham ranting that “labeling” is wrong. She cites as evidence the listing of CAIR as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation trial. She bleats that "neither the ILC nor CAIR-Chicago have ever been labeled unindicted co-conspirators of anything."

     Anti-CAIR compiled a detailed report on what the Holy Land Foundation case revealed about CAIR's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, and in particular, FBI wiretapped statements that CAIR founder Omar Ahmad could "register 100 organizations in 100 cities in one day", and that they didn't have enough people to do the work they wanted to "hide".

     Perhaps Christina Abraham could explain what kind of work Omar Ahmad's "organizations" would need to hide?

     And as is par for CAIR, Abraham conveniently forgets that her own organization is a leading player in the “labeling game”. To take just two well-known examples we have only to look at the scorn CAIR continually heaps on two of America’s leading experts on radical Islam, Dr. Daniel Pipes and Mr. Steven Emerson.  According to CAIR, both men are guilty of “Islamophobia” for daring to expose the actions of radical Islamists.

     Abraham says in her column that labeling without reason isn’t right and of course, she is correct.

     However, what have Pipes and Emerson done to cause CAIR to label them?  CAIR has never been able to refute the truths that either man has presented and exposed about radical islam or CAIR, yet CAIR attempts to label them as “Islamophobic”.

     Why?  Simply because CAIR's entire fundraising money-train is based on being the organization that determines what constitutes “Islamophobia” and just who deserves the label.

     Anti-CAIR has a few labels for CAIR.

     We label CAIR and every single CAIR chapter as working for the destruction of our country from within.

     We label CAIR a terrorist supporting front organization created for Hamas, that was not only founded by terrorists, but accepts, to this day, financial assistance from foreign governments and individuals who support Islamist terror.

     We accuse CAIR of being Hamas’s American branch.

     We accuse CAIR’s leadership, at all levels including Christina Abraham, as either being complicit in CAIR’s plans to destroy our Constitutional Republic or of being useful idiots in CAIR’s plot to destroy freedom.

     The “Irshad Learning Center” should be wary of accepting any help from CAIR.  CAIR’s legal reputation involves hiring non-attorney’s to represent Muslim immigration case clients and then attempting to cover up its depredations by paying “hush money” to victims.

     There is a reason CAIR has so many ugly labels: CAIR earned every one of them.

Andrew Whitehead

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