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March 23, 2010

     CAIR:  Legitimacy Questioned

     Several Oklahoma state lawmakers recently faced questions over their announced attendance at the Council on American-Islamic Relations Oklahoma chapter's annual banquet (CAIR-OK). CAIR sent an email touting the attendance of Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, Attorney General Drew Edmondson, Department of Corrections Director Justin Jones, two state senators and seven state representatives.  The email featured photos of several people including State Rep. Richard Morrissette and Attorney General Drew Edmondson.   

     Morrissette and Edmondson later said they would not attend the CAIR event after learning of CAIR's disreputable background.  While this was good news for those who support the marginalizing of Islamist hate groups generally, and CAIR in particular, there are questions that Oklahoma’s politicians should be called upon to answer.

Did any state officials bother to do even a cursory check on CAIR’s background before accepting invitations from CAIR?  Considering the threat of terror present in the country today, it would appear that people on some official’s staff have dropped the ball.

If a background check was done on CAIR before accepting an invitation, who did the check and what was the result(s)?  Was Oklahoma law enforcement consulted?  If so, what was its opinion(s)?

State Rep. Richard Morrissette says he was not intending to attend CAIR’s event and that after learning more about the issue he informed CAIR he was disassociating himself from the group.  The question he should answer is if he was not intending to attend, why did CAIR feel free to use his photo and imply he would attend?  In addition, Morrissette should explain what was his opinion of CAIR before his attendance became public?  What specific information about CAIR made him change his mind?

Attorney General Drew Edmondson, candidate for Governor, also opted out from attending. Why did CAIR feel empowered to use his photograph?  How does AG Edmondson feel knowing that a Muslim Brotherhood front group created to support Hamas was using him as a shill to feign legitimacy? Why isn’t the AG, the top lawman in Oklahoma, better informed about CAIR?  Shouldn’t Oklahoma's AG be better informed of the threat of radical Islam and Islamist supporting terrorist groups?  The AG has a lot of explaining to do if he wants to be Governor.

     Kevin Calvey, a former state representative and candidate for U.S. Congress says it is inappropriate for elected officials to attend any CAIR event.  He notes court action and FBI evidence exposing CAIR's ties to Hamas.  Calvey has personally attended protests denouncing CAIR and turned down meeting with Razi Hashmi, the executive director of CAIR Oklahoma’s chapter unless Hashmi denounced CAIR.  In a bleating response to Calvey's challenge, Hashmi insisted that CAIR is all about "building bridges" and "defending civil rights" of Muslims. “Having me denounce CAIR, that’s out of the question,” ... “I’d never do that.” 

     If it weren’t such a tragedy it’d be comedic that CAIR claims to be “building bridges” when their brothers in Hamas are working so hard on coming up with new ways to kill Jews, Americans, and anyone else who disagrees with their perverted religious ideology. 

     Razi Hashmi and his fellow Islamofascists at CAIR should never have legitimacy conferred on them or any group they associate with.  Doing so gives aid and comfort to the very people that are working so hard to destroy our country from within.

     CAIR and their fellow travelers must be shunned and exposed. The evidence against them is overwhelming and clear. Our political leadership, regardless of party, should be standing in the vanguard setting the example for the rest of us.

     Or they should get out of the way of those who will.

Andrew Whitehead

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