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June 23, 2010


     CAIR Rabidly Defends Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, Threatens Lawsuit

     The Illinois State Police has officially announced that Sheikh Kifah Mustapha's appointment to it's Chaplaincy is "being denied" as the result of the findings of a background investigation. 

     A Chicago area ABC news affiliate reports: “the website of a self-styled national security expert criticized Mustapha's police appointment saying he was committed to violent jihad and once was named an unindicted co-conspirator in a large terrorism case.”  The video report reveals the threat of lawsuit against the security expert, Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, for exposing Mustapha's history to the ISP. Emerson is credited as being responsible for the state police coming to its senses by providing clear evidence that Mustapha’s radical activities are inconsistent with the duties of a Muslim Chaplain.

     A quick review of Emerson’s information on Mustapha exposes the “Sheikh” as a supporter and fundraiser of Muslim Brotherhood affiliated front groups that gave support to Hamas such as IAP and CAIR. Mustapha was also a "registered agent" for the Holy Land Foundation in Illinois which helped earn him the title of "Unindicted co-conspirator" during the Holy Land Foundation trial which led to convictions of the defendants on all counts.

     Kifah Mustapha is defended by none other than Ahmed Rehab of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). According to Rehab, Mustapha is a “man of great integrity looking to truly serve”. 

     CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights Director Christina Abraham has announced her "legal team" is gearing up to act on a lawsuit that may target Steve Emerson:  “The subjective attacks against qualified Muslim leaders who are unfairly denied an opportunity to serve in their own country as equals to their peers because of pressure from Islamophobic circles is simply wrong and must be put to a stop,” ... “Enough is enough.”

     Unfortunately for Mustapha and CAIR, Emerson’s evidence clearly shows that Mustapha is not a good example of a “religious leader” and that Mustapha appears to be a fraud as well; presenting himself to the American public as a “respected religious leader” while acting in support of terrorist groups in his other life as a radical Islamist.

     Emerson has the facts on his side.

     We firmly hope that Mustapha’s supporters will file their suit against Emerson. As in the case that CAIR filed against Anti-CAIR, Mustapha’s supporters will soon learn that the trial will not be in a Sharia court and that once Emerson likely files his discovery requests it will become readily apparent that the case has no merit.

     If anything, the discovery results will add to Emerson’s vast collection of data on the depth of radical Islam in the North America.

Andrew Whitehead

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