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February 4, 2011

     CAIR Suggests Violence If Students Prosecuted?

     A joint letter signed by CAIR, radical Islamist supporting groups, and several like-minded individuals has called on the Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas, to stop pursuing felony criminal charges* against members of UCI Muslim Student Union (MSU). Members of the MSU planned and implemented a protest that interrupted a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren at the University of California, Irvine in February 2010.

     In the letter, CAIR suggests: "... prosecuting these students may in fact lead to more disruptive and perhaps violent forms of political protests, since less non-violent and less disruptive protests would by this new precedent carry nearly the same criminal exposure."

     It would appear that CAIR, along with CAIR’s fellow travelers, is telling the DA that if he does not allow "peaceful" protests, future protests may result in "disruptive and perhaps violent" events.

     Perhaps the Orange County DA should be taking a closer look at CAIR and every other group and individual who signed on to this open letter?

Andrew Whitehead

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