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July 9, 2011

     CAIR, Berkeley, And The Report About Nothing

     The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Berkeley University recently issued a joint report on “Same Hate, New Target: Islamophobia and Its Impact in the United States 2009-2010”.  There are a few interesting questions arising from this joint effort between one of Americas largest Islamic hate groups and a university that prides itself on politically inclusive speech and “diversity”.

     Some questions for Berkeley;

   -    Why did Berkeley join with a known Islamic supremacist hate group with proven ties to Islamic terrorism to issue a report?
   -    Why wouldn’t Berkeley respond when Anti-CAIR e-mailed them simply asking for an explanation on their relationship to CAIR?

     The best thing to come from this infamous collaboration was…exactly nothing.  The report was printed on glossy paper, many names and high titles of authors were included, and spiffy graphics were on the cover. Yet it appears nobody has bothered to read the report.  It seems that CAIR’s ability to attract fawning mentions of this "report" in the main-stream press has hit a stumbling block. There are no adoring reporters calling CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper about the report, there is no mention of it on the talk-show networks. It appears there is no interest in CAIR and Berkeley’s phony report on "Islamophobia".  (We did find news releases paid for by CAIR touting their farcical report.)

     Time and money was wasted, trees were needlessly cut down, much pontificating and smoke blowing went into the Report About Nothing and it seems nobody cares.

     This is as it should be.

     L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca's Muslim Community Affairs Unit Spills The Beans On The Muslim Brotherhood?

     L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca has unfortunately shown to be a tireless defender of CAIR. Despite all evidence proving CAIR's creation by HAMAS supporters and operatives to advance the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood and support HAMAS, Baca has publicly and enthusiastically defended CAIR as witnessed at the recent congressional hearings held by Rep. Peter King.

     So an interesting event occurred at the Islamic Center of Southern California (ICSC). The Center was hosting a community town hall meeting led by the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), a group founded and staffed by supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and other like-minded Islamofascists.
     The L.A. County Sheriff’s Muslim Community Affairs Unit (MCAU) was featured, represented by Deputy Sherif Morsi whose goal as a MCAU official is to “build a stronger relationship with the Muslim community for better understanding and cooperation with law enforcement.”

     Deputy Morsi was questioned by Alan Kornman of "The United West" about the MCAU and whether other religions had a special unit in the L.A. County Sheriff's office to help build their community support. (The short answer, No. None.)

     When Mr. Kornman spoke to Deputy Morsi after the meeting, Kornman had started to ask a question about the Muslim Brotherhood when Deputy Morsi immediately cut off the entire question upon hearing the words "Muslim Brotherhood" by saying: (video 4:44)

     "I don't work terrorism, that's not my function,...I don't deal with terrorism, I'm not going to make any comments on terrorism..."

     Deputy Sheriff Sherif Morsi did what probably no other Muslim in that meeting would have done, let alone in public. When asked about the Muslim Brotherhood he quickly and emphatically equated the group with TERRORISM. There can be no mistake here. Morsi clearly related the Muslim Brotherhood with Terrorism.

     L.A. County Deputy Sheriff Sherif Morsi apparently knows the real danger the Muslim Brotherhood poses to the United States of America.

     Maybe he can one day clue-in his boss?

Andrew Whitehead

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