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October 7, 2012

’s Hooper: Feigned Outrage At Christians For Not Defending The Faith?
     In the National Catholic Register, a column titled "How to Respond to 'the Last Acceptable Prejudice'" has interesting commentary by none other than Ibrahim Hooper, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) spokesman.
     While discussing the "violent Muslim reactions" to the The Innocence of Muslims film trailer, Hooper apparently feels the need to take Catholics to task for not defending their faith. He begins by saying:

“We’ve seen a crucifix in urine, elephant dung on Mary and The Last Temptation of Christ, and mockery of Jesus on TV has become common.”

     Hooper then clearly attempts to goad Catholics into reacting more aggressively to insults to their faith. Is he really recommending Catholics take the current ungodly form of "protesting" over slights to one's faith by going on a wild rampage of screaming, murdering, crucifying, or burning down cities over insults to the Catholic faith? It certainly appears he's pushing for a more aggressive reaction when he says:

“We oppose violence, but I would like to see Christians speak out more than they do about these insults. We all too often see Jesus mocked.”
     Hooper, whose organization still claims to speak for Muslims in North America and was founded by terrorists to support HAMAS, attempts to paint a picture of an Islamic organization dedicated to protecting the rights of all faiths.  Is CAIR really trying to play the protector of the faith? Or are they attempting something more sinister in order to downplay the ugly realities that plague the ideology of CAIR?
     What Hooper and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters at CAIR fail to accept is the very real nature of Christianity. Christians are taught from day one to forgive and love everyone, including their enemies. This is why you won’t see Christians screaming, murdering, crucifying, or burning down cities when Christianity is “insulted”.  These murderous traits are not Christian, so Christians don’t do them.  However, screaming, murdering, crucifying, or burning down cities are sadly all hallmarks of many Islamic radicals in response to any “insult”, real or imagined, to the Islamic faith. Hooper and CAIR can't have that. It makes them look bad.
     Are all Muslims violent, misogynistic supremacists who murder, crucify, and destroy at the drop of a hat?  Of course not.
     Too bad CAIR only seems to care about the worlds few million Islamic radicals who do behave like savages, and is apparently trying to draw Catholics and Christians into reacting the same way to insults to the Christian faith.
     Catholics should beware of speaking to, let alone quoting, members of CAIR.  Supremacist, fascist propaganda like that of CAIR does not belong in the National Catholic Register nor any other publication that supports Christianity.

Andrew Whitehead

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