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Anti-CAIR Press Release 018/03  

July 31, 2003

Daniel Pipes?  Enough, Already! 

     On July 27th, 2003, the Council on American Islamic Realtions, (CAIR) issued an "Action Alert" accusing Mr. Daniel Pipes of comparing Islamic people to “NAZIs”. ( * Note: the original Action Alert and link vanished from CAIR's website around 8/9/03. Over one week later, and with no apology to Dr. Pipes .)

     CAIR based its accusation on a article describing Mr. Pipes address to the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference in Washington D.C.  According to

“Pipes added that he doesn’t perceive the Islamic people as divided into two groups:
the radical terrorists and those who are not.  He said “there is no history
behind such an outlook and nothing that would support such optimism. 
It would be like saying there were good and bad Nazis,” Pipes noted.”

     CAIR has been prominently displaying their “Action Alert” on their web site.  The only problem?  Mr. Pipes was misquoted.  We quote from the  retraction by Executive Editor, Mr. Scott Hogenson: “The article erroneously stated that Pipes doesn’t perceive the Islamic people as divided into two groups – radical terrorists and those who are not.  In fact, Pipes used the term “supporters of militant Islam,” not Islamic people.”  

“My view is ‘no, there is no good and bad in militant Islam,’
no more than there are good and bad Nazis, Pipes said,
according to an audiotape of his remarks.”

     In the “Action Alert”, CAIR Board Chairman Omar Ahmad, a strong supporter of the Hamas terrorist group, said:

“This quote alone, without even taking into consideration Mr. Pipes’ long history of anti-Muslim bigotry,
is sufficient to disqualify him from helping to direct a taxpayer-funded organization dedicated to the
peaceful resolution of international conflicts.” 

     CAIR, well known for smearing anyone who disagrees with their terrorist cult of Wahhabi Islam, was very quick to post the original article and has, so far, been very slow to remove it from their web site*.  In addition, CAIR has yet to issue a retraction of Mr. Omar Ahmad’s inflammatory comments. Why? 

     Our final point. What is it about Mr. Daniel Pipes, an unknown professor just a few years ago, that has CAIR so upset?  What is it about Mr. Pipes that makes Mr. Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR Spokesperson) swoon at the very mention of his name?  What is so frightening about Mr. Pipes? 

      Has he advocated violence and supported terrorist murders like Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Hooper?   Does Mr. Pipes advocate blowing up buses, like Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Hooper have?  Has Mr. Pipes fought the FBI to stop them from investigating Islamist terrorists, like Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Hooper have?  Has Mr. Pipes blamed every single offense against Jews (no matter how big or small) on “Anti-Jewish” bigotry by Americans as Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Hooper have for Muslims?

      Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Hooper are self-serving prostitutes to the Anti-American, Anti-Freedom cult that is Wahabbi Islam.  For either of these “men” to self-appoint themselves as leaders of the Islamic faith is a grave insult to peaceful followers of Islam.  ACAIR looks forward to the day when law enforcement agents are busy searching their offices for evidence of their active support for Islamist terrorists.  ACAIR looks forward to the day when Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Hooper are videotaped getting into the back of a police car on their way to jail.

     We look forward to seeing crowds of peaceful followers of Islam, and their fellow Americans, waving “good riddance” to these two terrorist supporters ...   

Andrew Whitehead

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