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September 22, 2009

     Ellison's Seditious Behavior?

     For over fifteen years, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has spread its evil tentacles over our country. Our soldiers are currently fighting Islamist terror overseas and yet we face the ugly truth that not only do we have a foreign front for Islamist terror eating like a cancer from within, but that this terrorist supporting “Muslim civil rights group” has been actively supported by a member of our own government.

    Rep. Keith Ellison was invited to speak, again, at a CAIR sponsored event.  Despite a letter warning Ellison of CAIR's ties to terrorism supporters and connection to Hamas from Senator John Kyl and Representatives Trent Franks and John Shadegg, Ellison attended and spoke at the meeting.

     Ellison called the warnings “ridiculous”. 

     Could Ellison be right?  Ellison said,
“If there is any truth to the allegations that CAIR supports the Palestinian terrorist organization, there should be arrests and prosecutions.”

     There is a wealth of information regarding CAIR and CAIR’s proven track record in support of Islamist terrorists and terrorist groups. The U.S. Justice Department is on record that "there is a wide array of...evidence expressly linking CAIR and its founders to...the greater Hamas-affiliated conspiracy..." in the U.S.  In an appeal involving an Islamist terror suspect, the Government specifically stated that "From its founding...CAIR conspired with other members of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists."  

urely Ellison
, an elected U.S. Representative, should know the truth.

     Consider just three of CAIR’s actions in support of Islamist terrorism:

     1.  Ellison is on record saying if CAIR has ties to Hamas, there “should be arrests and prosecutions”.  The FBI placed CAIR executive director Nihad Awad and Co-founder Omar Ahmad at a three-day summit of U.S. based Hamas members and supporters in 1993.

    If Awad and Ahmad weren’t supportive of Hamas efforts, why were they at this meeting?

     2.  Omar Ahmad, CAIR co-founder, said at the Islamic Association for Palestine’s (IAP) third annual convention in 1999 about Palestinian suicide bombers “They kill themselves for Islam”.  Terror murdering innocents with human bombs is “Fighting for freedom, fighting for Islam”.

     Are these the words of a peaceful official for a Muslim civil rights group?

     3.  Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman, is on record as stating: “To have an Islamic society you must have Islamic rulers. We aren’t allowed to take over (the United States and) other governments. What we fight for here and in the remainder of the world is to practice our beliefs.  I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future, but I’m not going to do anything violent to promote that. I’m going to do it through education.” 

     The United States Constitution calls for equality between all faiths (or no faith); therefore, no matter how much “education” Hooper calls for, the United States cannot be ruled by Islamic rulers without destroying the Constitution. Hooper has never explained this dichotomy. Considering that he cannot explain it, should we be surprised; or fearful?

     A cursory look at the evidence presented here will show much of it is “old news”; this is exactly the point.  The truth about CAIR has been known from CAIR’s founding.

     Ellison cannot credibly claim ignorance regarding CAIR's origins, activities, and goals.

     This leaves two questions;

     Is Ellison a useful idiot in the service of the terrorist supporting CAIR?


     Is Ellison in league with CAIR and supportive of CAIR’s efforts to destroy our country?

Andrew Whitehead

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