Anti-CAIR  Vs.  CAIR
The Legal Details

CAIR's Threatens Lawsuit Against Whitehead & Anti-CAIR

CAIR Files Lawsuit Against Whitehead & Anti-CAIR

Whitehead & Anti-CAIR Files Response To CAIR

Whitehead & Anti-CAIR Files Discovery Request (Interrogatories)

Whitehead and Anti-CAIR Files Admissions Request To CAIR (PDF)

CAIR Amends Motion Against Whitehead & Anti-CAIR

Whitehead and Anti-CAIR Files Motion to Compel CAIR To Answer Interrogatories (PDF)

CAIR Refuses Discovery Requests & Asks For "Protective Order" (PDF)

Whitehead and Anti-CAIR Files Reply To CAIR's  Request For "Protective Order" (PDF)

CAIR's Lawsuit Against Anti-CAIR Dismissed "With Prejudice"