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January 22, 2010

     Military Officers To Be Charged In Major Hasan Islamist Terror Murders


     The military is considering charges against at least eight officers who “failed to use 'appropriate judgment and standards' in overseeing the career of” Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, and that their actions should be investigated immediately.”

     Hasan stated, in front of colleagues, that “non-believers were infidels condemned to hell who should be set on fire”.  Remarkably, he made this statement at an hour-long presentation on the Koran in front of dozens of fellow officers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Hasan was supposed to be speaking to medical issues, not the Koran and Islam.

     Hasan repeatedly “harangued…about religion” and “openly claimed to be a “Muslim first and American second”.”  Why was Hasan allowed to engage in outrageous behavior? Reports of a lethal double standard afforded to Major Hasan include:  “One Army doctor who knew him said a fear of appearing discriminatory against a Muslim soldier had stopped fellow officers from filing formal complaints.”

    There you have it; a group of Army officers failed to report an openly dangerous traitor for fear of ending up with the career-ending label of “appearing discriminatory “against a “Muslim soldier”. The Army has effectively surrendered to Islamist ideology when senior officers are afraid to report obvious traitors in the ranks. And this is not the first time a Muslim "soldier" has murdered other Americans.

    How much more will it take before the politically correct notion of treating Islamists with kid gloves is abandoned? Major Hasan was reportedly allowed to proselytize his radical Muslim faith to non-Muslims without any repercussions. Contrast that with the recent revelation that military weapons equipped with coded bible references on a rifle sight inscribed by the manufacturer has set CAIR into a tizzy claiming that the letters and numbers amount to "covert proselytization of non-Christian service members"... "also embolden those who perceive that our nation is at war with Islam."  Military officials moved quickly to the hyperventilated demands from CAIR, an FBI identified front group created for Hamas, with a speedy investigation which has prompted the manufacturer to provide kits to remove the "offensive" letters and numbers and said they will not be included with future military products. Yet we now know there was nothing "covert" about Major Hasan's vocal and written expressions of his radical Islamic views, which included the very overt jihadist message of goodwill to non-muslims known as "convert or die," and he easily got away with it.

    CAIR constantly demands that we must not do things they determine would show Muslims that America is "at war with Islam" because it would only help Jihadist recruitment efforts. This is nonsense. Thanks to the efforts of CAIR, our enemies easily gain eager recruits when they see our military and domestic security apparatus is so intimidated by political correctness that we allow Jihadists with PETN laced underwear board our airplanes, or allow soldiers -whose ideology openly dictates killing fellow soldiers- enlist and have free reign in our military.

    There is nothing covert about CAIR's fifteen-year long incitement to fellow Muslims in this country and abroad that America is "at war with Islam". CAIR has risen to the defense of just about every Muslim accused of any crime in North America, regardless of the evidence or the heinous nature of the crime. Yet there are still those who give CAIR and radical Islamists like Major Hasan a pass, special treatment, and the benefit of the doubt. It is tragically obvious that CAIR has a found an easy mark with our top military officials and have done an outstanding job carrying out their slow-motion jihad to pollute the judgment of decision makers in our military.

    Let us assume that all eight officers had reported Major Hasan to their superior. What superior officer would want to be on record as standing against a Muslim officer? How many military officers could expect to be promoted once CAIR has accused them of “Islamophobia”? 

    Does the military have different tolerance levels for misbehavior committed by Christian, Jewish, and Muslim officers?

    If a Christian officer had said, “non-believers were infidels condemned to hell who should be set on fire,” what are the chances it would have not led to immediate discharge?  If a Jewish officer had said, “Jews should rise up,” how long would it have taken the military to discharge this officer and throw him out the front gate?

    Overly sensitive military officers have avoided being labeled “Islamophobic” by simply ignoring the threat posed by one of their own. A fully preventable Islamist terrorist attack was enabled by a leadership too afraid to speak up.  The end result is thirteen dead and dozens more wounded terror victims in the recently dubbed “police action against man-caused disasters.”

    Due to this latest fifth column attack, American soldiers not only have to battle our country's enemies on the battlefield, they have to keep an eye on their own while doing so. All because the military's top leadership is failing to do its job. Where is the Honor of the Officer Corps?

    It appears the wrong officers are on trial.

Andrew Whitehead

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