*Front Group Created For Hamas -CAIR- Semiannual Report June 2001
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*CAIR Donates $9000 For Cop Killer Imam Jamil Al-Amin

*Proposed Muslim Platform For 2004
(Start Supporting Islamic Groups Including Mr. Ben Laden And His Associates- p2)

*Fax Notifies USAirways That Detained Imams Retain CAIR As Legal Counsel

*CAIR-National  2006 Board Meeting Report

*Islamic Association for Palestine Statement

*Nihad Awad Travels To Germany AKA "Nehad Hammad"

*CAIR Report On Actions Taken In Gul Naz Anwar (Gul) v Bank of America (BoA)

*Nihad Awad Notifies John Esposito Of $325000 Contribution To Be Used For OIC Conf. At Georgetown University

*CAIR Employee Notifies Awad & Ahmad Of Gender/Religious Discrimination By CAIR Officer

*Front Group Created For Hamas -CAIR- 2010 Strategy Plan

*CAIR Talking Points For Senator Boxer Stressing "Non-Credible" Sources Revealing CAIR/Hamas Ties