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January 11, 2010


      The New Year, Are We Safer?

      On 25 December, an alleged Islamist terrorist tried to bring down yet another airliner over America in an attempt to terrorize the public and to demonstrate our weakness in the face of Islamist “superiority”.  But for the active resistance of fellow passengers, Umar Abdulmutallab, may have succeeded in terror-murdering some 300 innocent people.

      In November, US Army Major Nidal Hasan gunned down scores of fellow soldiers in an attack that, once again, demonstrated weakness on the part of the American government.

      Both Hasan and Abdulmutallab were well-known to certain federal agencies tasked with defending America from terrorist threats.  In the case of Hasan, it was his own fellow military officers who called attention to his extremist attitude and statements.  With Abdulmatallabe, his own father personally reported his son’s radical bent to the authorities at the US Embassy.

      Both Hasan and Abdulmatallabe were “blessed” by Anwar-al-Awlaki, an Islamist “religious leader” currently living in Yemen and formerly sharing his “faith” in a Northern Virginia Mosque.  Hasan and Awlaki are both American-born; Awlaki is a convert to Islam. Awlaki is a known Islamist terrorism supporter; this alone should have been a warning flag to intelligence officials.  How many other Americans are in touch with Awlaki, asking his “blessing” for contemplated Islamist terrorist attacks on our country?    

      How did US law enforcement miss Hasan’s very obvious radical statements; who could have missed the warnings made by Abdulmatallabe’s father?

      We didn’t.

      The warnings were obvious. The fact is that under our current laws, what could we do to prevent these attacks from occurring?  If law enforcement had confronted Hasan, what law would they have used?  If the so-called “watch list” had been used to stop Abdulmatallabe, what would have stopped him from crossing any of our land borders and carrying out some other terrorist act, such as setting an oil refinery on fire or attacking a kindergarten full of children?

      What points do law enforcement or members of the military receive for doing their jobs?  Islamist groups in the United States will automatically protest and alert every Constitution-challenging attorney on their rolodex immediately upon receiving word (verified or not) that any Muslim has possibly been “abused” by authorities.  While everyone can agree that abuse under color of authority is wrong; just what constitutes “abuse”?

      News item:  Three Navy SEALs have requested courts-martial after being charged with abusing a Muslim prisoner.  The three requested courts-martial after refusing to accept Mast (non-judicial punishment).  The three stand accused in a "punching" incident of Ahmed Abed following his capture in Iraq.  You’d be forgiven if you don’t recall Abed; but you’ll never forget that he was a leader in the group that hung several contractors’ bodies on a bridge over the Euphrates River in Fallujah, Iraq.  Abed complained that he had been punched in the lip by one of the SEALs following his capture. How many radical Islamist terror groups will rush to defend Abed?  Stay tuned; the three SEALs have requested courts-martial.  If the SEALs request an open trial, it will be very interesting to see if members of the military will convict their own over a “fat lip”.

      Regarding underwear bomber Abdulmatallabe, he was rushed and restrained by several passengers and held for law enforcement.  According to news reports, he was not handled with kid-gloves, advised of his civil rights, nor asked “please” or “may I help you?” when deplaning the jetliner.  Why?  Why weren’t every one of the passengers and crew who dared to touch Abdulmatallabe immediately arrested on charges of "violating" his civil rights?  Simple; the events following Abdulmatallabe’s “apprehension” were photographed and witnessed by multitudes of passengers and crew…these witnesses were on the very same aircraft that Abdulmatallabe attempted to destroy. Even the very worse of the anti-American attorneys would be hard pressed to find even one passenger who felt that Abdulmatallabe had been “abused”.

      It’s funny how the imminent threat of death will focus the mind like no other event in our lives. For example, privacy rights advocate Hebba Aref, a Muslim, was on Northwest Flight 253 that day. She now clearly understands the Jihadist threat and stated:

      "I'm always standing up for rights and privacy concerns, but now I hope that body scans will be mandatory," ....
"Balanced against national security, it's worth the invasion of privacy. And I acknowledge the fact that
there has to be attention paid to Muslims."

      The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been in the forefront of the war against the United States; it has supported Islamist terrorist groups.  CAIR has had (and may still have) Islamic terrorists on staff.  CAIR supports all manner of activities on behalf of radical Islam that serve to weaken our country.  Most revealing about CAIR, however, is that they have run from every court case they have pursued that questions CAIR’s background and relationship to radical Islam.

      What is it about CAIR’s background that they cannot reveal?  As proud Islamists, CAIR’s leadership should be happy to explain how they hate Jews, Christians, America, republican democracy, rule of law, etc.  CAIR’s entire reason for existence can be summed up in one sentence from the Muslim Brotherhood's 1991 Strategic Memorandum regarding its US operations: “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within so that...[Islam] is made victorious over all other religions."

      Of course, many in Islam have rightly rejected CAIR hence CAIR’s rapidly diminishing membership roster.

      And yet, our government still refrains from prosecuting CAIR, treats radical Islam and Islamic sensibilities with excessive political correctness, and CAIR is still quoted in the media as if it represents American Muslims.  Why this irrational fear of the truth?

      What are we afraid of?

      We the people seem to have forgotten our heritage.  We kicked out the British Empire, twice, winning our independence from the strongest nation on earth at the time; we fought two world wars to stay free and now we find our leaders appear unwilling to stand up to a small band of foreign-funded radicals who are committed to destroying our way of life.


Andrew Whitehead

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