In Defense Of The Constitution

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     I want to share what I believe is one of the most important books to come out regarding the dangerous activities of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an FBI identified front group created for Hamas.
     "Muslim Mafia" exposes CAIR’s activities to the light of day and clearly demonstrates with convincing proof that CAIR is in America with the primary purpose of weakening our country in favor of CAIR's proclaimed version of radical Islam; a political and violent ideology that has evolved into the most wicked and destructive “religion” in existence.

     No person reading "Muslim Mafia" will ever be able to say “I didn’t know” the truth about CAIR and CAIR’s proven relationships with Islamist terrorists, Islamist terrorist groups, and enemies within our own government who are working diligently, day and night, to destroy Western Democracy.
     In the book –
    •  Evidence that convicted CAIR officer Randall “Ismail” Royer is receiving direct assistance from CAIR to overturn his conviction on terrorism-related charges; despite Royer’s confession.  (Chapter 2)
    •  CAIR’s image as the “Muslim NAACP” is based almost entirely on bluff; CAIR suffers from an extremely high staff turnover and has been losing money for years.  (Chapter 9)
    •  How CAIR attempts to blackmail corporate America; included is CAIR’s involvement in the “Flying Imams” case.
       (Chapter 12, “CAIR versus United Airways”) 

     When you are done reading "Muslim Mafia", your responsibilities are not over; you will want to share this book with everyone you know; to write your members of the Congress and demand CAIR be shut down; to demand that your local and state law enforcement have nothing to do with CAIR; to demand the Department of Justice investigate and make a final determination of just what CAIR is…and isn’t.
     While you read "Muslim Mafia", keep in mind the very strong charges made against CAIR.  Ask yourself, “If CAIR believes these charges are not true, what will CAIR do?” 
     As CAIR’s well-known lawsuit against Anti-CAIR clearly demonstrated, the truth is an absolute defense, and in the end, CAIR cannot stand the truth.
     I personally predict that CAIR will accuse the authors of “Islamophobia”; of attacking Islam to “make a profit” or some other trumped-up accusation(s) that will attempt to place the onus on the authors. 
     "Muslim Mafia" is a clarion call that describes how our country is in grave danger.

     We must thank Dave and Chris Gaubatz, Paul Sperry, and all those involved for their bravery and dedication to bring us this daring exposure of CAIR's true face.

     Again, we have been warned; what are we going to do about CAIR?

Andrew Whitehead