Anti - CAIR  Press Releases (2003)

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2003 Issues

04/10/03  Supporting the Nomination of Daniel Pipes to Board of United States Institute of Peace  

04/15/03  Supporting Detention of Asylum Seekers from Terrorisism Supporting Countries  

04/16/03  Questioning Duplicity of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)  
                (Questions CAIR involvement in Pentagon religious observace)

04/19/03  Questions Censorship by US Post Office  
                 (Questions restrictions on mailing personal items to troops in Middle East)

04/21/03  Condemning CAIR's Silence in LAX Terrorist Shooting
                 (Exposes CAIR as apologists for Islamic terrorism)

                 Questions hypocrisy in Florida Bombing/Shooting Plot
                 (Questions CAIR's sense of fairness in Mosque plot)

04/26/03  Questions CAIR's Smear Campaign against Mr. Joe Kaufman
                 (Questions CAIR's smear campaign over web site link)

05/02/03  Questions CAIR-CANADA's Attack on Canadian Politician  
                 (Notes CAIR's attempt to discourage politicians from making personal statements)

05/05/03  Questions CAIR's Ameriphobic Attack on World Net Daily Editor, Mr. Joseph Farah     
                 (Response to CAIR's unwarranted attack)

05/08/03  Supports Colorado Bill to Verify Visa Status of Students from Terrorism-Supporting Countries  
                 Questions sincerity of CAIR's Offer of Assistance to Columbus, Ohio Public School System
                 (Questioning religious motivation behind offers of assistance to public school system)
                 Condemns CAIR's Questioning of Statements Made by CAIR Leadership in Support of Islamism
                 (Questioning why CAIR leadership denies truth)

                 Saddened by Hate Crimes Resolution Introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)
                 (Resolution provides special recognition to Islamic faith to exclusion of all others)

  CAIR Attempts to Defend Position Regarding Condemnation of Islamist Terror in United States  

                   CAIR Attempts to Smear Daniel Pipes, Nominee to the United States Institute of Peace

                   American Muslims Condemn Riyadh Bombings

                   Trust on Trial, CAIR Re-writes Newspaper Article, Distorts Truth

                   Toll on Palestinians Goes Beyond Violence

                   ACAIR Will Respond to Requests for Information
                 010/03 VIEW

05/23/03      CAIR and Democracy? Mr. Nihad Awad Distorts…Again        

                    Civil Liberties for All?  Congresswoman Kaptur: Religious Bigot?

                 011/03 VIEW

05/29/03     -  Special ACAIR Press Release/Statement/Polices of ACAIR

                 012/03  VIEW

06/16/03   - CAIR’s Board Chairman. Mr. Omar Ahmad, Denied Retraction  
                    (Follow up to ACAIR Press Release Nr. 009/03 dtd May 08, 2003)  

                 - 8 Year Old Victim of a “Hate Crime”?

                 - Israeli Army Order: “Wipe out” Hamas

                013/03 VIEW

  July 4, 2003   *Former CAIR Officer Indicted / Terrorist Suspect  

                         CAIR Attacks California Supporter, Politically Motivated? 

                         CAIR Attempts to Smear Daniel Pipes, Nominee to the United States Institute of Peace

                          Trust on Trial, CAIR Re-writes Newspaper Article, Distorts Truth

             014/03   VIEW

July 10, 2003    CAIR Sponsors Terrorist Suspect / Link to Al Qaeda Islamic Terror Organization
             015/03 VIEW

July 21, 2003     CAIR’s 2002 “Muslim Civil Rights in the United States” Report

                          CAIR Related Terrorism Suspect Held; Bail Denied

                          Daniel Pipes, Extremist?

                         When is Enough, Enough?

              016/03 VIEW

July 27, 2003       Daniel Pipes, Terrorist?  
              017/03 VIEW

July 31, 2003   - ACAIR Correction re: Randall Royer / ACAIR Press Release #15, dtd July 11th, 2003

                        - Daniel Pipes?  Enough, Already!

                        - Outrage?  Saudi Arabia to begin Fingerprinting Visitors to Kingdom.

                        - FBI Receiving “Sensitivity Training” From Islamist Terror Groups  

             018/03   VIEW

August 13, 2003   -   Hypocrisy Strikes, Again.  CAIR Continues to Publish False Information.

                             -   How Many Times Will CAIR Attack Mr. Daniel Pipes?

                             -   ACAIRs View

                             -   "I am in support of the Hamas movement," Nihad Awad tells it like it is.
              019/03  VIEW

August 19, 2003    - CAIR Smears Dr. Pipes Again?

              020/03  VIEW

August 25th, 2003      - President Makes Recess Appointment of Dr. Pipes to USIP / Voice of Reason  
                                    Added to Important Group  

                                  - Who is Mr. Hooper, CAIR spokesperson, afraid of? / Six Questions
                                  - Dr. Daniel Pipes, Most Dangerous Man in America?

                                  - Why Don’t Moderate Muslims Support CAIR?

             021/03  VIEW

September 1, 2003  
                                  - CAIR Leader Sues for…Defamation?    

                                  - Private Catholic High School Bars Wearing of Scarf, CAIR Cries Discrimination

           022/03   VIEW

September 11, 2003    Anti-CAIR Message to our friends VIEW


September 14, 2003       -  Hamas to be Banned in European Union; Is CAIR Concerned?

                            -   CAIR POLL; Reading Between the Lines.

                            -   U.S. Congress Finally Waking Up To Threat Posed By CAIR?

September 17, 2003    - Mr. Nihad Awad Snubs Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology, and Homeland Security  
            024/03   VIEW

September 24, 2003     - CAIR’s Ismail Royer Strikes Again; Muslim Schools Front for Islamic Terror?


September 30th, 2003   -   Two Sailors Stationed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Detained;  Arrests Imminent.    

          026/03   VIEW     ( Developing ...  )  ** UPDATED Oct. 7th, 2003**

October 5th, 2003      -          CAIR Condemns Terrorists?

                                  -      Ibrahim Hooper, Incapable of Telling the Truth?    
        027/03  VIEW

October 15, 2003              -     Americans terror-murdered in attack by Islamists / CAIR Response?

       028/03  VIEW            -  CAIR:  Publicly Condemn Islamic Terrorism?

November 7, 2003     - WARNING:  CAIR Will Contact/Attack Your Employer/Cost You Your Job

                                   - Lt. Gen. William Boykin / Intolerant Extremist?  
    029/03   VIEW
                                   -  Congress, What are our “Leaders” Thinking?
                                   -  ACAIR’s Opinion / Islam in the Public Schools