Anti - CAIR  Press Releases

042/04  VIEW    CAIR: In The Religion Business, Why?

041/04  VIEW   CAIR: Defending Your Right To Free Speech?

040/04   VIEW    Islamist Threat to Public Schools in Columbia, South Carolina?

039/04   VIEW    CAIR: calling For A Probe Of "War Crimes" In Iraq

037/04  VIEW   CAIR: Honoring Another Terrorist

037/04  VIEW   CAIR: Calls for “Pluralism” and “Diversity”

036/04 VIEW    Convert to Islam; or Revert to Christianity?  CAIR Confused(?)…Again!

035/04  VIEW    CAIR: Hostage Takers Violate Islamic Beliefs?

034/04    VIEW      CAIR: Condemning Jews, Protecting Terrorists

033/04     VIEW    CAIR Banquet and Fundraiser:  Celebrating Hate

032/04  VIEW     CAIR: Calling For an End to the “Cycle of Violence”

031/04  VIEW         Response To Reader E-mail
09/29/04                  Dr. Parvez Ahmed, Master Of Deception?
                                Cat Stevens, Innocent Traveler Or Islamist Terrorism Supporter?

030/04  VIEW           CAIR - Canada, Demanding Special Rights for “Muslims Only”
08/16/04                   Sudan,  What is the Truth?

029/04  VIEW    CAIR, Selling Out American Troops In Favor of Islamist Terrorists?

028/04  VIEW    CAIR “Deeply Troubled” by NY Missile Plot
08/08/04             CAIR, Failing to Tell the Truth, Again  
                           CAIR and the American Civil Liberties Union, Why?

027/04 VIEW     CAIR Congratulates McKinney on Primary Win
08/02/04                CAIR:  Complains About 9-11 Commission Report

026/04 VIEW     Holy Land Foundation Indicted on Islamist Terrorism Related Charges
07/28/04                   CAIR, Attempting to Silence Another Voice in Opposition to Islamist Terror

025/04 VIEW
07/24/04    CAIR:  Sudan, “We don't have enough knowledge of the situation to make judgments."

024/04  VIEW
07/22/04    Another CAIR Officer Convicted

023/04  VIEW
07/10/04      CAIR, Supporting the Murder of Muslim Children?

022/04  VIEW
July 04, 2004    NASA - Taking Culture Lessons From CAIR?
                          CAIR "Observes" FBI Raid on Saudi based VA. Institute.
                          When Are Americans Going To Demand Accountability?

021/04  VIEW
June 25, 2004    CAIR, Failing to Tell the Truth?  The Battle Of Fallujah.

020/04  VIEW
May 14, 2004    CAIR Condemns Terror... Again?

019/04 VIEW    CAIR Condemns Terror-Murder Of American In Iraq?
May 12, 2004

018/04  VIEW     Anti-CAIR Files Response to CAIR Lawsuit   
May 4, 2004       Hypocrisy, CAIR Style, Militant Islamists Speak

017/04 VIEW       Anti-CAIR Celebrates First Year Fighting Militant Islam
April 27, 2004

016/04  VIEW        CAIR Defends Man Testing Security Procedures
April 14, 2004

015/04  VIEW
April 12, 2004          Randall Todd Royer Sentenced, CAIR Silent
                                 Terrorists Threaten Christians / Raise Cash in Mosques

014/04  VIEW
April 10, 2004              CAIR Lawsuit Documents Posted Online
                                      Statement Regarding Anti-CAIR Legal Defense Fund

013/04  VIEW     CAIR Files Lawsuit Against Anti-CAIR Founder
April 2, 2004

012/04  VIEW     CAIR Condemns Mutilation, Not Terror Murders
April 1, 2004


011/04  VIEW   College Students Win Battle Against CAIR         
March 25, 2004                                                                                                                                                                                                     

010/04   VIEW     CAIR Condemns Killing of Hamas Terrorist Leader, Why?
March 22, 2004

009/04   VIEW       Senator John Kerry, Supporting CAIR?
March 19, 2004    CAIR’s Duplicity; Condemning Terrorism/Supporting Terrorists

008/04   VIEW     
March 11, 2004    CAIR's War from Within
                              CAIR - Canada; Spreading the “Big Lie”
                              CAIR - Condemning Terrorism?
                              ACAIR: New Direction

March 9, 2004  VIEW   *Special Feature Article*   * "CAIR's War from Within"    

007/04   VIEW           Anti-CAIR Threatened with Lawsuit by CAIR
February 27, 2004

006/04   VIEW           CAIR:  Condemning “Hate Filled Comments?”
February 14, 2004     CAIR:  Opposing Common Sense in Education Policy?
                                    Advisory to Members of the Armed Forces

005/04   VIEW             CAIR:  Distorting the Truth, Again
February 13, 2004

004/04    VIEW           CAIR:  The Story…and the Rest of the Story
February 3, 2004     

003/04    VIEW                CAIR’s  Mr. Randall Royer Pleads Guilty
January 25, 2004             The Islamic Development Bank & CAIR  
                                         Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

002/04  VIEW              CAIR, Expert Witnesses to Requirements of Christian Faith?                                  
January 14, 2004

001/04  VIEW        CAIR’s Mr. Minhaj Arastu & Public School Books, Connection?   
  Jan. 6, 2004          CAIR’s Man in California Loses Lawsuit; Mr. Shawn Steele Vindicated
                                How CAIR Can Make a Difference
                                Response to Reader

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