2005 Anti-CAIR Archive

Issue 035/05
CAIR: “Nothing Immoral” in Islamic Terror Murders

Issue 034/05
CAIR: Defending Islamoterrorism?

Issue 033/05

CAIR: Voters Expressing “Islamophobia”?

Issue 032/05
CAIR And James Yee’s Dog And Pony Show

Issue 31/05
ACAIR Founder: My Battle Against Hate

Issue 30/05
CAIR:  Once Again Demanding Respect

Issue 29/05
CAIR:  Equal Rights to Enforced Oppression?

Issue 28/05
CAIR: Cooperating With The FBI?

Issue 27/05
CAIR: Muslims To Challenge Critics

Issue 026/05
CAIR: Parvez Ahmed, Call To Moderate Muslims?

Issue 025/05
CAIR Condemns Terrorist Attack

Issue 024/05
ABC DISNEY Backs Down To Threats From CAIR

Issue 023/05
CAIR / CAIR-CAN: Condemning Muslim Terrorists?

Issue 022/05
CAIR: U.S. Muslims Can Never Be Guilty Of Any Crime

*CAIR's Amended Motion Against Andrew Whitehead

*Original Motion

Issue 021/05

CAIR: Hurt Feelings in Lodi, California

Issue 020/05
CAIR: Finally Shut Out By U.S. Government?

Issue 19/05
CAIR-CAN: Not Understanding Human Rights

Issue 18/05
CAIR: Offering Flowers To Conceal The Hate?

Issue 17/05
CAIR:  Where is the Outrage?

Issue 16/05
U.S. State Department Rep. to Speak at CAIR’s Hate Conference

Issue 15/05
CAIR & FMAT:  Who is Speaking the Truth?

Issue 14/05
CAIR & Ghassan Elashi; Partners in Islamic Terrorism?

Issue 13/05

CAIR: Founder Of Texas Chapter Guilty

Issue 012/05
CAIR: Shutting Down Free Speech to Protect Islam?

Issue 011/05
CAIR: The Truth About Dell Computer Corporation's Muslim Contract Employee's

Issue 010/05
Do Not Question Sharia Law

Issue 009/05

CAIR Officer Claims Secret Searches Violate Rights of Local Muslims

Issue 008/05
CAIR: Insinuating Propaganda Into Jersey City Murders?

Issue 007/05
CAIR: Refusing to Tell the Truth About Royer

Issue 006/05

CAIR Condemns Jersey City Murders...Nobody Notices

Issue 005/05

CAIR & The Saudi Hate Connection

Issue 004/05

CAIR: Why The Hate?

Issue 003/05

CAIR:  Ignored by Christians at Press Conference Over Murders in New Jersey?

Issue 002/05
CAIR: Invoking The Islamist Double Standard?

Issue 001/05
CAIR: Setting Standards For A Private Organization -Why?


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