Anti-CAIR 2006 Issues Archive

Issue 045/06
CAIR: Prostitutes For 
Radical Islam

Issue 044/06
CAIR: Defending the Indefensible

Issue 043/06
Rep-Elect Keith Ellison, Useful Idiot Or Islamist Agent?

Issue 042/06
CAIR's Bedier: Doing The “Transparency” Bob And Weave

Issue 041/06
CAIR: Attacking Shawn Steel for Telling The Truth?

Issue 040/06
CAIR: FBI Training Muslim Extremist?

Issue 039/06
CAIR:  Keith Ellison, Maverick or CAIR Bootlicker?

Issue 038/06
CAIR: Apologizing For Another Muslim Terrorist

Issue 037/06
Cops Training

Issue 036/06
: Sponsoring Hate Speech

Issue 036/06
CAIR: Sponsoring Hate Speech

Issue 035/06
CAIR: Grooming Future Supporters of Islamic Terror?

Issue 034/06
CAIR:  Upset by the Ugly Truth of "Islamic Fascism"

Issue 033/06
CAIR: Equating Israel And Hizballah

Issue 032/06
CAIR:  Double Standard In Lebanon?

Issue 031/06
CAIR-CANADA:  The Wind Changes

Issue 030/06
CAIR Supports Somalia's Barbaric Islamic Government

Issue 29/06
CAIR: At War With North America?

Issue 28/06
Customs & Border Protection Puts on Tour for Terrorist Supporting CAIR

Issue 27/06
CAIR: Hailing United States Submission to International Pressure

Issue 26/06
CAIR:  No Comment on Torture-Murdered American Soldiers

Issue 25/06

CAIR: Deciding Who Is A Muslim?

Issue 24/06

USMC Brass Agree With Terrorist

Issue 23/06
CAIR-Canada Shocked!
Demands Action By Canadians

Issue 22/06
CAIR: Calling For SecDef's Resignation

Issue 21/06
CAIR: Saudi Men Innocent Victims Of 
“Cultural Differences”??

Issue 20/06
Concerned over Muslim Monitoring?

Issue 19/06
CAIR: Feelings Hurt; United 93

Issue 18/06
CAIR: Concerned Over Islamic Terrorists' Rights Violation?

Issue 17/06
CAIR:  Not Welcome at Darfur Rally

Issue 16/06
Sami Al-Arian, Islamic Terrorist

Issue 15/06
CAIR: Providing Services to Wayward Travelers?

Issue 14/06
CAIR: Denied!

Issue 13/06
CAIR: No Christian Proselytizing?

Issue 12/06
CAIR Defends Itself?

CAIR's Defamation Lawsuit  Dismissed "With Prejudice"


Whitehead on Israel National Radio

Issue 11/06
CAIR:  Supporting Religious Rights in Muslim Country?

Issue 10/06
CAIR:  Chairman Elected to Board of ACLU – Florida

Issue 09/06
CAIR:  Defending Islamic Hate in New York Prison System?

Issue 08/06
CAIR: Propagandizing “KindHearts”

Issue 07/06
CAIR:“Cartoon Controversy” Forum; Represented by Radical Islamist?

Issue 06/06

CAIR: Dictating Policy to European Governments?

Issue 05/06
CAIR:  Offended by Freedom of Speech

Issue 04/06
CAIR: Hypocrite’s in Defense of Islamic Terrorism?

Issue 03/06
CAIR:  Condemning the Holocaust?

Issue 02/06
CAIR: Upset with “Monitoring Muslims”

Issue 01/06
Anti-CAIR New Year’s Message


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