Issue 022/07
CAIR Canada; “Zero Tolerance” For “Honor Killings”?

Open Letter From Anti-CAIR Founder To CAIR And IslamOnline

Issue 021/07
CAIR: Free Speech Doesn’t Apply To Michael Savage

Issue 020/07
CAIR: Exploiting Children For Jihad Propaganda?

Issue 019/07
CAIR: “Labeled”

Issue 018/07
CAIR:  Blame the JEW, Again!

Issue 017/07
CAIR: Protecting Muslim Citizens Is “Unlawful”

Issue 016/07
CAIR Calls For Profiling of Muslims In The United States

Issue 015/07
CAIR: Media Cowers In Face Of Islamist Threat

Anti-CAIR Founder; My Turn On Civil Rights

Audio Presentation: Attorney Discusses CAIR Lawsuit (Part One **  Part Two)

Issue 014/07
CAIR & America’s Political Class; Collusion Or Confusion?

Issue 013/07

CAIR: Partners With the Jihadist “Fort Dix Six”?

Issue 012/07
CAIR's Big

Issue 011/07
CAIR: Back Pedaling On The “Magnificent Six”?

Issue 010/07
Americans:  We Were All on US Airways Flight 300

Issue 009/07

CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper:  If His Lips Move, He's Lying

Issue 008/07
CAIR Bigot Speaks Truth to Peaceful North American Muslim Community

Issue 007/07
CAIR: Admits Officials Have Ties To Islamist Terrorism

Issue 006/07
Ibrahim Hooper;
Feeling Sorry For Himself?

Issue 005/07
CAIR: Unrequited Hatred For America

Issue 004/07
CAIR:  Offended By Rubber Duck

Issue 003/07
CAIR and the UC-Irvine MSU

Issue 002/07
What Is Happening With
The FBI?

Issue 001/07
CAIR Sacramento Executive Director Shifting The Blame?


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