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Issue 016/08

James Yee & CAIR: "Trust" Terror?

Issue 015/08
CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper: Special "Rights" For Muslims?

Issue 014/08
CAIR’s Message of  “Peace”

*Anti-CAIR Report*

CAIR: Created For HAMAS
An FBI Investigation Reveals CAIR's Founder Omar Ahmad  "A Leader Of The Palestinian Committee"

Issue 013/08

“Dangerous Islamic Organization”?

Issue 012/08

Corey Saylor: Hiding The
Bloody Truth Of Islamofascism

Issue 011/08

Chairman Of Council on American-Islamic Relations Resigns

Issue 010/08

CAIR: Hypocrites, Again

Issue 009/08

CAIR: Intimidating Public School?

Issue 008/08

CAIR: Stereotyping Muslim Terrorists Wrong

Issue 007/08

Defending Terrorists Who Target American Muslims?

Issue 006/08
CAIR Slimes Joe Farah Time To Take The Gloves Off?

Issue 005/08
CAIR: Non-Profit?

Issue 004/08
CAIR: Defending Al-Arian

Issue 003/08
CAIR: The Treason From Within? Another CAIR Official Indicted

Issue 002/08
Bedier: Pass The Bread, Reject The Bible

Anti-CAIR Letter
To The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Issue 001/08
CAIR:  Demanding Israel Appease Hamas Terrorists



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