* 2009 *

CAIR And North American Muslims; The Truth

CAIR And The Muslim Mafia

Anti-CAIR Book Review
Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld Thats Conspiring to Islamize America

Ellison's Seditious Behavior?

Issue 007/09
CAIR: Continues Its Attack On The FBI

Issue 006/09
Anti-CAIR Agrees With CAIR; “Flying Imams” Should Get Their Day In Court

Issue 005/09
CAIR: Lies, Smears, & Guilt By Association - Or Just Plain Treason?

Issue 004/09
CAIR: Defending Muslim Student “Rights”?

Issue 003/09
CAIR's Chairman Larry Shaw Responds To American Citizen, Then Bans Him

Issue 002/09
CAIR’s Chairman Larry Shaw; Useful Idiot or Co-conspirator?

Issue 001/09

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