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Anti-CAIR Press Release 001/04

January 6, 2004  

                    CAIR’s Mr. Minhaj Arastu & Public School Books, Connection?


  -          CAIR’s Man in California Loses Lawsuit; Mr. Shawn Steele Vindicated


  -          How CAIR Can Make a Difference


  -          Response to Reader


CAIR’s Mr. Minhaj Arastu & Public School Books, Connection?


    What do the Council on American Islamic Relations, (CAIR), the Council on Islamic Education, (CIE), and Mr. Minhaj Arastu have in common? 


    Mr. Minhaj Arastu is a public high school teacher in Columbia, South Carolina.  He has endorsed a teacher’s guide about Islam for use in public schools.  Where does CAIR come in?  Mr. Arastu is also the director of the newly established local chapter of CAIR.


    The book, “Teaching About Islam & Muslims in the Public School Classroom” is purposely designed as an Islamic puff-piece that does not critically examine Islam.  ACAIR finds it disingenuous of Mr. Arastu to endorse this book without revealing his connection to the anti-American CAIR.  Are school officials aware of this connection?  Do they condone it?  If so, why?


    Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) calls on the public school officials of Columbia to examine Mr. Arastu’s ties to CAIR and consider if their teachers should have any connection to a book recommended by a dubious terrorist-supporting organization.


  Questions that should be asked:


  1.  Why didn’t Mr. Arastu make his connection to CAIR clear in his endorsement of the book?


  2.  Why does Islam require a special teacher’s guide?  What is it about Islam that requires special treatment?


  3.  Does the Columbia public school system have a teacher’s guide for other religions?  Why, or why not? 


  4.  Is this a covert means of injecting religion into the public schools?


  5.  Why is a CAIR-connected public school teacher endorsing this book?  (CAIR is a well known, bigoted group begun by Islamist terrorism supporters).


  6.  What is Mr. Arastu’s true agenda?


     ACAIR calls on the Columbia school system to not only reject this book, but to reject any book that attempts to explain one religion over all others.  To do otherwise is un-American and a disservice to teachers and students alike.


CAIR’s Man in California Loses Lawsuit; Mr. Shawn Steele Vindicated


    In a press release dated September 1, 2003, Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) reported that Mr. Hussam Ayloush, the executive director of the Southern California office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) had sued Mr. Shawn Steele, former head of the California Republican Party.  Mr. Ayloush sought compensation for: defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  In addition, Mr. Ayloush sought punitive damages.

     On December 16, 2003, The Honorable David R. Chaffee of the Orange County Superior Court dismissed the entire lawsuit against all defendants. 

     This is another small victory for those who love their country and are not afraid to stand up to the Islamist tyranny of CAIR. 

     Mr. Ayloush, executive director of the Southern California office of CAIR, sued as an individual.  CAIR was not a party to the lawsuit.



How CAIR Can Make a Difference


    When Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) was begun, some called us optimists.  We were asked how we expected to be able to stand up to a well-funded, activist Islamist group with very deep pockets.  Well, the answer is actually very simple: we love our country and we’re optimists.  Along the lines of optimism, ACAIR would like to offer the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) a few tips on how they can improve their organization and make it truly representative of Islam, rather than being a mouthpiece for Islamist terrorists.


    Since our inception almost a year ago, ACAIR has been using the words of CAIR as an effective tool to point out the hypocrisy and deliberate deception used by CAIR to promote a radical Islamist viewpoint.  We’ve pointed out how CAIR was birthed from the Hamas Islamist terrorist network and how CAIR’s senior leadership actively supports Islamist terrorist groups that are responsible for terror-murdering Americans.  We’ve shown how CAIR fails to condemn terrorist acts committed by their friends in the Islamist movement, while criticizing almost every move made by the American government to protect its citizens from Islamist terrorist attack.  We’ve noted how CAIR purports to believe in religious freedom, just as long as those freedoms apply to Muslims only.    


    What would it take to make CAIR into a credible organization, deserving of the name “civil rights group”?  Just what would it take to make CAIR legitimate in the eyes of most Americans?  How could CAIR clean up its act and begin to be truly representative of the Muslim faith?  Is this an impossible dream?


    CAIR could begin by firing the troika at the top of the CAIR pyramid.  Start with Mr. Nihad Awad, the executive director of CAIR and former public relations director for the Islamic Association of Palestine.  Next, Mr. Omar Ahmad, co-founder of CAIR.  Finally, Mr. Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman.  Just exactly how many times must we watch Mr. Hooper blow up on television every time a Christian or Jew asks him a question he classes as Islamophobic?


    Just what, specifically, would it take for CAIR to clean up their act and become a more responsible “Islamic civil rights” group?


  1.  Publicly denounce all Islamist terrorist groups.  Sever all ties with these groups and stop issuing press releases heaping praise on those who murder in the name of Allah.  CAIR’s support of terrorist groups, particularly Hamas, reinforces American beliefs that CAIR is nothing but a spokes group for Islamist terrorists.


  2.  Publicly cut all ties with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).  The IDB handles funds for Islamist terrorist groups.  Cutting ties with the IDB will demonstrate that CAIR will no longer stand with those who financially support Islamist terror groups.


  3.  Publicly denounce those prominent Islamist “holy men” and speakers who call Christians and Jews “pigs and apes”.  This language is meant to be inflammatory and is better suited to NAZI Germany than to CAIR, which purports to be a “civil rights” group.  In addition, CAIR should refuse to sponsor, or attend, religious gatherings where comments against any other religion are expected to be made.


  4.  Establish an outreach program with other religious groups.  Extend the hand of friendship to Christians, Jews, and other faiths.  Stand with them in defense of freedom of religion for all Americans, not just Muslims.


  5.  Stop launching silly, counter-productive lawsuits.  When CAIR launches a lawsuit, they make Islam appear to be a petty religion that cannot defend itself.  When CAIR members in leadership positions launch lawsuits, they look like small, petty persons whom are easily insulted.  Is this the impression that the CAIR leadership wishes to convey?


  6.  Learn the true meaning of the first amendment to our Constitution.  Respect the right of all Americans to believe (or not) in the religion of their choice.  Stop going into anger overdrive every time someone says something about Islam you don’t like.  Recognize that if someone says something perceived to be negative about Islam, it is their right.  Respond if you care to, but try to keep it civil.  Hint: your public will understand your words better if you aren’t bouncing around in your chair, foaming at the mouth.


  7.  Open up the CAIR books to public inspection.  Let all Americans know just exactly how CAIR is funded.


  8.  Cooperate with law enforcement and call on your members to do so as well.  Stop your ridiculous profiling of the FBI as being “anti-Islamic”.  Ask your members to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. 


  That’s it, eight ways we believe CAIR could transform itself into a true “civil rights” organization.  How about it, CAIR?  Fire the troika, knock off the inflammatory language, respect the rights of ALL Americans and open your books to the public. 


  The ball is in your court, CAIR.  What are you going to do with it?


Response to Reader


    We’d like to share the following exchange with one of our readers:  (We’ve eliminated needless formatting and wording to keep this short.  The following is in chronological order).




Subject:  Why ANTI-CAIR?

I am a firm supporter in CAIR, and I believe they are doing nothing wrong.  They have harmed no one.  Why is it then that you feel you have to “expose them”,  What harm have they done?




    Thank you for taking the time to write us and share your concerns over our position regarding the activities of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  We invite you to visit our web site, and read our press release information.  After reviewing this material, we will answer any specific questions you may have regarding CAIR.

Keep in mind that CAIR was founded, and is run, by Islamist terrorism supporters.  We have no respect for CAIR’s leadership and believe that they and their followers are a danger to our society and a threat to our religious freedoms and beliefs.  CAIR has called for the establishment of an Islamic theocracy in the
United States and actively supports Islamist terrorist groups.  In addition, CAIR accepts funding from overseas Islamist terrorist supporting regimes such as Saudi Arabia.  CAIR is a collection of racist, bigoted liars hiding behind Islam to spread their dangerous, heinous and evil brand of Wahhabi Islam.  There are no bigger haters of Allah’s words that those who lead CAIR.




    Thank you very much for your response.  One more question though, what is your take on Islam.  Do you think it is a religion of terrorism? 




Hi –

    I’m glad our press release archives were able to answer most of your questions regarding our position regarding CAIR.  As to your question about Islam being a terrorist religion, the answer is no.  Islam itself isn’t the problem, it’s the so-called “holy men” who have called upon some ignorant followers of radical Islam to take up arms and murder in the name of Allah.  I can think of very few perversions that are worse than killing in the name of God.  


    While not all followers of Islam are terrorists, I find it very disquieting that the majority of Muslims do not rise up and take back their faith from those who defile and pervert Islam to advance their personal goals.  My hope is that the peaceful followers of Islam rise up and cast out those apostates who tend to make all of Islam appear to be murderous.



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