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001/08  January 28, 2008

     CAIR:  Demanding Israel Appease Hamas Terrorists

     On 21 January, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington D.C. based Islamist terrorist supporting front group, issued an “Action Alert” calling on readers to contact American political leaders in order to pressure Israel to lift a “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza.
     The “humanitarian crisis” developed when Israel reduced deliveries of fuel, food, and medicines in response to rocket attacks by members of the Hamas terrorist group.  Hamas terrorists have been firing rockets into Southern Israel since taking power by force in June.
     In the action alert, CAIR states:
“Because American taxpayers provide Israel with billions of dollars of
economic support each year, we have the right and the responsibility
to demand that Israel abide by American and universal human rights
standards and end its practice of collective punishment against the
Palestinian populations. Such practice amounts to war crimes.
     CAIR, true to its lap-dog propagandizing on behalf of Islamist terrorism, states that the United States has the “right and the responsibility  to demand Israel abide by American and universal human rights standards.” 
     But what about the rights of the Israeli civilians terror murdered or wounded by the Hamas rockets?  Or does CAIR consider all Israelis to be soldiers?
    Why doesn’t CAIR demand that Hamas abide by “American and universal human rights standards” and stop the rockets?

CAIR has proven links to and was founded by Hamas members and supporters.

     CAIR continues:

Seventy-nine percent of Gaza households live under the poverty line,
40 percent suffer from unemployment and almost half the population
in the Gaza Strip is made up of children.
      Hamas rules Gaza with an iron fist, claims to represent the Palestinian people, and yet  is unable to provide even basic civil services in an area of about 139 square miles.  But Hamas seems to have plenty of money for weapons, rockets, and ammunition despite the “Israeli blockade”. 
     Why is it that Hamas, faced with this “humanitarian crises”, would prefer to import weapons over food for the very Palestinian civilians it claims to protect? 
     What does it say about Hamas that they’d rather kill Israeli civilians than feed  “almost half the population in the Gaza Strip” that is “made up of children”?
     Of course, CAIR can’t criticize Hamas; to do so would be to criticize family.
     So, the world will condemn Israel for cutting off supplies to a terrorist government and will say nothing to Hamas terrorists who would starve their own children in a propaganda exercise designed to make Israel appear to be the aggressor.

     What does this say about CAIR that they condemn Muslim children to starvation ...?

Andrew Whitehead

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