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002/08  February 20, 2008

     CAIR:  Ahmed Bedier, Pass the Bread, Reject the Bible

     In a February article in Tampa Bay Online, Karen Dunham is lauded as providing much needed resources to Palestinian refugees in camps in the Middle East.  Dunham, of the Living Bread International Church, enjoys the cooperation of the Israeli armed forces and has her headquarters mission in Jerusalem, with mission outposts in Bethlehem, Jericho, and another planned for Hebron.

     Dunham’s group passes out food, clothing, and Bibles to those who seek her group’s assistance.

     Ahmed Bedier, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Tampa, Florida, chapter, apparently has a problem with Dunham witnessing to those she is helping with her outreach.  Specifically, Bedier is troubled by Dunham’s Christian evangelizing.

     According to Bedier,

"These are starving people who are not thinking rationally…
they'll do what you say to get the food to keep them alive.
They'll pray with and say they're converted. And likely,
they'll be back at the mosque on Friday."

     Is the Muslim faith of Middle Eastern Muslims so weak that they would deny it on one day, embrace it the next? 

    Is this an opinion Bedier has shared with Middle Eastern Muslims?

     Bedier met with one of Dunham’s American volunteers before her third trip to the Middle East. Among the things Bedier gave her are a copy of the Koran and a list of “do’s and don’ts” regarding the Muslim culture.

     Ahmed Bedier, the representative of a self-described “Muslim civil rights group” presumes to tell a Christian to ignore her faith when ministering to Muslims ... yet expects that same Christian to observe a list of “do’s and don’ts” when interacting with Muslims? 

     Rank hypocrisy?

     Bedier wants Dunham’s group to keep their Bibles to themselves, but sees no problem with giving a Christian volunteer a copy of the Koran.  Did not Bedier think this was Islamic proselytizing?  What other possible reason can there be for his giving her a copy of the Koran?

     Bedier further illustrates his Christophobia:
“You have to question the motives of people who go
into hostile environments to push their religion,
when there's so much that needs to be done
in this country."

     (Keep in mind that Dunham’s car has been bombed and her home blown up three times)
     Bedier enjoys a very comfortable life in the United States. He represents CAIR, a group with proven ties to Islamic terrorism and Islamic terrorists; a group founded by Islamic terrorists, an organization that actively supports Islamic terrorists and Islamic terrorist groups; an association supported by Islamic terrorists and Islamic terrorist groups, an organization that is actively working to subvert the government of the United States with the ultimate goal of converting our country into an Islamic theocracy.

     Has Bedier ever set foot in the Middle East with a bag of food, clothes, and religious material to pass out to the Palestinian people in the refugee camps? 

     Dunham has.

     Would Bedier ever give up his very comfortable life in the U.S. to live a life of danger in the Middle East in response to a higher calling? 

     Dunham has.

     What appears to have Bedier so outraged is that it took a Christian to show CAIR how real outreach works and that the works of God are definitely not the province of radical Muslims.

     Dunham’s Living Bread International Church is everything CAIR is not.

     No wonder Bedier is upset ...

Andrew Whitehead

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