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002/09  March 18, 2009

     CAIR’s Chairman Larry Shaw; Useful Idiot or Co-conspirator?

     The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has recently elected State Senator Larry Shaw as the organizations new chairman.  Is Senator Shaw a “useful idiot” or a co-conspirator in CAIR plans for converting North America into an Islamist dictatorship?

     In an article in the News & Observer (North Carolina), Shaw appears to be a low-key chairman; as Shaw puts it, “I fly beneath the radar…that suits my style”.

     CAIR often describes itself as the nation’s “leading Muslim civil rights advocacy group” despite the fact that CAIR represents fewer than one-tenth of one percent of North American Muslims and is arguably the leading pro-Islamist terrorist supporting front group in North America. The exposure of CAIR's connections to the Hamas terrorist group are portrayed by CAIR as being "Islamophobia" led by a small group of critics.

     As to the truth of CAIR’s complicity in the Holy Land trial, Shaw has stated that CAIR rejects the accusation and “his first order of business will be to clear the group’s name”. Shaw never acknowledges court wiretap evidence presented by the FBI in which CAIR founders Awad and Ahmad pledge and plot in support of Hamas, and Shaw goes on to dismiss justified reservations about CAIR saying, “It’s straight out of the playbook they use for all the civil rights groups…this is nothing new…if they had anything, they would have acted on it and shut us down.”

     The United States government has tied CAIR to Hamas and has refused to back down to CAIR’s demands that it be removed from a list of co-conspirators.  Still fuming, CAIR, under the guise of a new "coalition" of dubious Islamist Muslim groups called the "American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections" (AMT), has now sought to intimidate the FBI with a threat of suspending "outreach" programs of several Muslim groups if the FBI does not re-open it's doors to CAIR.

     Shaw, much like Nihad Awad and Ibrahim Hooper, compares CAIR to civil rights groups led by men such as Martin Luther King (MLK). This is both disingenuous and a false comparison. MLK fought for equality of opportunity based on the content of a man’s character; CAIR fights for Islamic supremacy based on the religious fanaticism of the ideology of political Islam; an Islamist cult that, to this day, advocates for the imposition of Sharia law world-wide.

     Shaw is portrayed as having a “fine personality” and is a person who does not back Muslims “reflexively” and who is “willing to criticize dictatorial countries as well as Hamas’ practice of firing rockets into Israel”.

     A clue to Shaw’s election to CAIR Chairman is revealed:

“…some have suggested that Shaw was chosen to lead CAIR precisely because
he can soften its sometimes combative image.”

     Khalilah Sabra, director of the local chapter of Muslim American Society’s Freedom Foundation, says of Shaw: “Shaw’s role with CAIR is to give them a balanced perspective…he can mentor them on how to transcend certain cultural predispositions”.

     A balanced perspective?

     Consider, CAIR shamelessly supports Hamas, Islamist terrorism and terrorists. How do you “balance perspective” with a clear record of defending pure, unadulterated, religious evil committed in the name of a false, hateful “god”?

     Shaw says of being a Muslim in the United States, “Not everybody’s cut out for this…(adding that being a Muslim can be)…radioactive”.

Really?  Can Shaw point to any credible anti-Islamic conspiracy in North America? 

     Neither can CAIR. Simply because none exist.

     What Shaw can point out is that there are many groups, Anti-CAIR among them, who stand opposed to what Larry Shaw has chosen to represent; political Islam in the form of a terrorist supporting front group created for Hamas.

     By dismissing irrefutable FBI evidence and parroting CAIR's denials of it's terrorist origins, we tend to believe that Larry Shaw is a “useful idiot” in that he clearly does not understand what he has gotten himself into. If he does understand, he has gone far beyond being a simple co-conspirator.

     Beware.  The new “softer side” of CAIR is among us ...

Andrew Whitehead

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