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004/04 February 3, 2004

    CAIR:  The Story…and the Rest of the Story

     On January 25, 2004, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) published an “American Muslim News Brief” titled: “CAIR-OH: The man who speaks for Muslims” on their web site.  The news brief is referring to Mr. Jad Humeidan, an officer in CAIR’s Ohio chapter. 

     The interesting thing about this news brief is that the story originally appeared in the “The Other Paper",  a Columbus, Ohio news and entertainment weekly, written by Mr. Aaron Marshall.  CAIR has apparently printed half the story without attributing it to either “The Other Paper” or Mr. Marshall. 

     The following are excerpts from the deleted section of the article, followed with our analysis. 

    ( Excerpts from: The man who speaks for Muslims by Aaron Marshall Jan. 2004)

“He was outraged in 1998 when the university bowed to pressure surroundinga planned speaking engagement for PLO leader Yasser Arafat. At the last minute, it was decided that then-Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuwas needed to balance Arafat's appearance. In the end, neither leader spoke."I was thinking: Why is that when somebody else wants to speak, it's OK, but when the Palestinians want to bring somebody, then you have to balance it out?" he said.”

     Mr. Hemeidan confuses America for the Middle East and western universities for Islamist madrasas.  In the west, we value a diversity of opinion, not the party line.  CAIR is constantly telling Americans that we must be accepting of Islam; yet out the other corner of their mouth they condemn a university for wanting to “balance it out.”  Why the contradiction?

“Monday afternoon, Humeidan led a small group of Muslims in walking with hundreds of other Columbus residents in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. march. He believes American Muslims are treading the same path today that African-Americans took inthe 1960s. "This is also our struggle, and we have to continue fighting in this struggle," he said.”

     Anti-CAIR asks:

     Are American-Muslims presently treated as African-Americans were in 1960’s America?

-          Do the police put dogs on Muslims to rip their flesh? 

-          Do the police beat Muslims with clubs at peaceful demonstrations? 

-          Do the police spray Muslim demonstrators with water hoses? 

-          Do the police cover up crimes committed against Muslims?

-          Do the police drive around arresting Muslims for being out of their neighborhood?

-          Are there signs that say “No Muslims allowed”? 

-          Where are the signs for “Muslim-only" water fountains? 

-          Must Muslims walk in the street so that non-Muslims can use the sidewalk? 

-          What bus company makes Muslims sit in the back of the bus?

-          Where is the “Muslim ghetto”?

-          Any “Muslim Only” public toilets?

-          Are Muslims subject to a poll tax?

-          Do Muslims order their food from the back of the restaurant?

-          Must Muslims sit in the balcony of the theater?

-          Are Muslims required to address non-Muslims as “Sir” or “Ma’am” on pain of beating if they refuse?  

      Mr. Hemeidan should know that the Muslim experience in America has nothing in common with the black experience of the 60's.  For him to say otherwise is an insult to all those Americans who fought the hard battles for civil rights.  Where were Muslims during the time of African-American struggle?  Were they in front with African-Americans, Whites, Browns, Christians and Jews, calling for an end to racism?  

      Islam in America has no one to compare with Dr. Martin Luther King for the simple reason that Muslims are not being oppressed anywhere in the United States today by government policy. 

     If Mr. Hemeidan knows otherwise, he should immediately notify the proper law enforcement agencies so that direct action can be taken.  

     NoteACAIR believes that Mr. Marshall seriously attempted to present a fair and balanced article about CAIR (ACAIR was contacted for a statement but due to an e-mail glitch, we could not respond in time).  Unfortunately, the article ultimately fails to mention CAIR’s suspected support for militant Islam, and generally glossed over CAIRs questionable reputation.

     Once again, we have to ask the question: Where is the mainstream press on the issue of CAIR?  Why does CAIR continue to be treated with obsequious respect by leading media?  Where are the undercover investigations by the likes of the New York Times or the Miami Herald?  How long will it take for the mainstream press to wake up to CAIR’s tactics and either show that ACAIR has been correct in our assessment of CAIR, or prove us wrong? 

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