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004/07  February 8, 2007

     CAIR:  Offended By Rubber Duck

     On February 7, the “” web site carried a story about college employee’s being fired over a video they posted that "insults" Islam.

     The video, by five student resident hall assistants (RA’s), mocked real-life terrorists by holding a rubber duck, “Pete”, as hostage.  The five spoke in exaggerated accents, wore terrorist garb, and were generally insensitive to Muslim Terrorists.

     How do we know that they were insensitive to Muslim Terrorists?

     Simple:  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) got involved. 

     In the words of CAIR’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper:

“It’s something that needs to be addressed”.


     Five students mock Muslim Terrorists, and this is “something that needs to be addressed?” (We assume they are mocking Muslims, else why would Hooper get involved?)

     Parroting CAIR’s attitude, university provost Joseph Shenker said that student RA’s "…function as role models and as teachers for the other students…"We expect them to be instructing our students on being sensitive regarding all groups.”

     There we have it. 

     Student RA’s are expected to be sensitive to all groups; including Muslim Terrorists

     Shenker continues:  “I think the tape was an insult to the victims and families involved in hostage situations.”

     (If so, why didn’t find a beheading victim to interview? Would it be because they are all dead at the hands of Muslim Terrorists?)

    As to the families, there were none mentioned in this article.  Even so, we find it very hard to believe that anyone would mind mocking Muslim Terrorists.

     Except CAIR .... (Imagine that!)

Andrew Whitehead

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