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005/07  February 12, 2007

   CAIR:  Unrequited Hatred for America

     On February 11, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington D.C. based Islamic hate group, issued an “American Muslim News Brief” that included two very interesting items.  The articles are in response to Senator Boxer rescinding an award she gave to the executive director of CAIR’s Sacramento , California chapter.

     This time, CAIR is apparently upset because "There was no attempt to give CAIR the courtesy of a fair hearing" according to Hussam Ayloush, executive director of CAIR’s Southern California office.

     Apparently, CAIR has preferred to forget what happened when the U.S. Congress invited them to speak in 2003 … CAIR ran away from the opportunity because the CAIR leadership knows they cannot credibly defend themselves, let alone CAIR, in front of an impartial audience. Perhaps it would have been better that the congress didn’t call on CAIR to testify in the first place; why subject themselves to hearing from a group that not only supports radical Islam, but also supports the destruction of Israel and, by implication, Jews?

     What could CAIR possibly say to Senator Boxer that would contribute meaningfully to Muslim civil rights?  (Cheap prostitutes for Islamist groups shouldn’t really expect to “win hearts and minds” in the Congress.)

     When CAIR says “There was no attempt to give CAIR the courtesy of a fair hearing”, what they really mean is that they were denied the right to present their demands. Demands that usually include an apology, financial compensation, and a promise not to "upset" radical Muslims in the future.

     Speaking of a meeting held with Senator Boxer in Washington with several CAIR officials, Ayloush said:

"The purpose of the meeting was for us to go there and really present our response to the smears
and distortions. Unfortunately, it became apparent that neither the senator nor her senior staff
reviewed CAIR's responses. The focus was how to save face for the senator with the civil rights
community. We moved forward in the interest of keeping (alive dialogue between)
the community and Sen. Boxer."

    The reason for the meet was to present Senator Boxer with an ultimatum:  "Toe the Islamist line or be accused of Islamophobia."

     The only reason Senator Boxer is not being called Islamophobic at this time is because Boxer’s left-wing bona-fides are well established and CAIR knows they cannot frontally attack her … yet.
   Let us remember that CAIR is a firm supporter of Wahhabi Islam, one of the most misogynistic, anti-civil rights, and backward cults in Islam.  The Wahhabi’s are also rabidly anti-Semitic and abuse their holy book, the Koran, as justification for all manner of terrorist acts in support of their version of Allah.

   Today, only radical Muslims in North America are safe from the depredations of those whom CAIR supports

   CAIR has proven its hatred for North America ; when we will return that hatred in kind?

Andrew Whitehead

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