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June 28, 2009

     CAIR: Lies, Smears, & Guilt By Association - Or Just Plain Treason?

     On June 23rd, Frontpage Magazine published a devastating interview between FPM Editor Jamie Glazov and Mr. Dave Gaubatz. During this interview, Mr. Gaubatz makes startling, direct accusations regarding improper and ongoing relationships between CAIR and agents of the FBI; and presents it as the truth, not opinion. Someone who did not know that CAIR was created to advance the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas terrorist group might be shocked at the information reported by Gaubatz and published by FrontPage Magazine.

     Mr. Gaubatz is owner of DG Counter-terrorism Publishing. He is a former Federal Agent and U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and counterterrorism specialist. He provides counter-terrorism training materials for law enforcement and corporate use. He served as a Special Agent with the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).  In 2003, he was the first U.S. civilian Federal Agent deployed to Iraq. Additionally, Mr. Gaubatz is currently conducting his own 50-state counter-terrorism research project to document how widespread radical Islam is in our country.

     Glazov asks Gaubatz about Representative Frank Wolf's quest for information from FBI officials regarding the relationship between CAIR and the FBI.

     Mr. Gaubatz makes the following accusations:

     - “FBI officials are intentionally misleading Rep. Wolf and I have first-hand evidence of this.  (Emphasis in the original.)

     - “In regards to why the FBI will not answer Rep. Wolf’s entire question is because the FBI would be forced to lie if they answered completely. Some may be called to later testify to Congress and would be required to swear under oath.  Senior FBI officials know the relationship with CAIR has not been severed and the relationship between CAIR and the FBI continues, although more discreetly”.

     - “There are no legitimate reasons why State Department officials should be using taxpayer’s money to visit executives of a terrorist supporting organization. Many of these meetings are conducted at the CAIR National office”.

     - “I can inform your readers that CAIR has not provided any intelligence resulting in a conviction of any Muslim for any terrorism related offenses”.

     - “Never underestimate the enemy and yes CAIR does represent the enemy.”

     Mr. Gaubatz directly accuses certain members of the FBI, along with members of the State Department, of what could arguably be considered shockingly faithless behavior in their relations with CAIR, who Gaubatz clearly says 
does represent the enemy.

     Again, someone who did not know that CAIR was created as a tool of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas might think that CAIR would immediately and forcefully denounce Gaubatz, Glazov, and Frontpage Magazine, and perhaps even sue to defend its reputation in court.

     Will CAIR do so?


     Because CAIR can’t defend its reputation.

     CAIR doesn’t want to call attention to Glazov’s interview of Gaubatz and CAIR knows that the truth is an absolute defense against any claim they could raise.

     The truth is a powerful sword when wielded in the hand of the righteous; it strikes fear into the hearts of those who would deny it and reveals them as cowards.  No ideology, radical Islam included, is worthy of any respect if it will not stand up for itself.

     Gaubatz and Glazov have thrown down the gauntlet, what is CAIR going to do about it?

Andrew Whitehead


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