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006/07  February 24, 2007

   CAIR:  Ibrahim Hooper; Feeling Sorry for Himself?

     On February 16, posted an article, “Vitriolic e-mails zero in on ‘Muslim’ by Elaine Jarvik and Deborah Bulkeley.  In the column, the writers are lamenting the reaction of so-called “ultraconservative” Americans in reaction to the possibly religiously motivated murders at a Utah Mall.

     The writers, who obviously know very little about the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Washington, D.C. based Islamic hate group with proven ties to Islamic terrorism- go to pains to demonstrate just how the murders affect Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the hate group. 

     They quote Hooper’s reaction to receiving angry e-mail.

     "Welcome to my world," said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director of the
Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C.,
about the angry e-mails. "I get tons of it every day."

     A young Bosnian Muslim terror-murders five people and the best the deseretnews columnists can do is drag out a self-serving quote from the spokesman for America’s leading Islamist hate group that attempts to paint Hooper as a “victim”, completely ignoring the actions of the young terrorist.

     This is what passes for objective news in the mainstream media today?

     CAIR has contributed exactly nothing to North America’s battle against Islamic terrorism and has led the pack in opposing every common-sense effort by the United States and Canada to enforce laws, enact new legislation, and generally provide for the common defense by both civil and military authorities against Islamist terrorism. 

     Yet again, we find CAIR playing the victim card, with the complicity of the deseretnews.

     Is it any wonder that vast numbers of Americans are turning their backs on the mainstream media who seem to have adopted the attitude that Muslims, (no matter the nature of their crimes and terrorist acts), are to be painted as victims, regardless of the truth?

     When did “journalism schools” stop teaching truth and ethics courses ...?

Andrew Whitehead

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