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Anti-CAIR Press Release 007/04

February 27, 2004  
-      ACAIR Threatened With Lawsuit by CAIR



ACAIR Threatened With Lawsuit by CAIR


     On January 7th, 2004, the director of Anti-Council on American Islamic Relations (ACAIR) received a letter from an attorney representing the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  In the letter, Jeremiah Denton III, a Virginia Beach, Va. Attorney, threatened a lawsuit for defamation over comments made in “press releases” by ACAIR.


     ACAIR, a Virginia Beach, Va. based grass roots organization opposed to the militant Islam supporting CAIR, temporarily shut down operations in early January in response to the CAIR legal threat.  Since then, ACAIR has limited its press releases and commentary to avoid provoking a lawsuit from CAIR.  In the meanwhile, ACAIR staff has carefully examined all the material presented on our web site for accuracy.  We have concluded that all material is accurate, truthful and is reliably sourced.


     Accordingly, effective immediately, Anti-CAIR is resuming normal operations in our “war” against militant Islam.  In addition, we are working on new programs and procedures to counteract the influence of CAIR in the national media and on the local front. ACAIR will seek to provide more “cutting edge” material on CAIR and will work more closely with other groups fighting CAIR and other anti-American militant Islamist groups.  In short, we’re expanding.


     We do not know what the future will bring, but should CAIR launch a lawsuit against ACAIR, we know that the truth is an absolute defense against an accusation of defamation and we stand ready to vigorously defend our position.


     ACAIR staff would like to thank all those individuals and groups who have lent their support in this trying time. 


The full text of the letter is posted on the ACAIR web site. 



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