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February 17, 2005

CAIR: Refusing to Tell the Truth About Royer

    On Tuesday, 15 February, the popular Fox Television program “Hannity & Colmes” had Ahmed Bedier, Communications Director for the State of Florida Council on American – Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) as a guest. 

    The topic for the segment involving CAIR-FL dealt with the refusal of a Christian radio station to carry CAIR propaganda despite having a signed contract to do so.  Other media sources have dealt with the right of the radio station to carry/not carry programming/advertising adequately and we will not address this issue here.  However, we will address an interesting exchange between Hannity and Bedier concerning CAIR’s mission and goals: 

HANNITY:  “Did you not have a spokesman for your group at one time,
a guy by the name of Royer that was on your staff that was convicted?”

BEDIER:  “I think several years ago we had that individual in our group.
And if you're inciting that somehow we're responsible for the actions or
behavior of the individuals after they left our organization, that would be
similar to somebody that worked for FOX five years ago and then
commits a crime and FOX would be responsible for it.”

    We believe the facts show that Randall Royer, who recently was convicted of terror-related activity on behalf of America's enemies, was actually engaged in illegal, pro-Islamist terrorist activity while he was working for CAIR. 

    See Anti-CAIR’s release of July 31, 2003 for our view of the relationship between Royer and his employer. 

    To our knowledge, CAIR has never officially condemned Mr. Royer, disassociated itself from Mr. Royer's actions, or otherwise taken steps to ensure its employees comply with the laws against support for terror, or that its financial management procedures are in compliance with the recommended U.S. Treasury Department guidelines. 

     In any event we were not surprised to see Bedier hide the truth, and spin CAIR away from its suspect relationship by making an invalid comparison to FOX.  We think this approach has been par for the course for CAIR : if the truth is embarassing, then cover-up, spin, and turn the question back on the questioner.

Andrew Whitehead

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