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007/08  May 11, 2008

     CAIR:  Defending Terrorists Who Target American Muslims?

     On 8 May, the Chicago Tribune carried a news story about a mock hostage drill conducted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

     The drill apparently involved hostages, simulated explosions, and nerve gas.
     The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an Islamic terrorist supporting organization, has naturally protested the mock drill.

     From the article:

“Ahmed Rehab of the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations
says the exercise wrongly typecast Islamic houses of worship as security threats.
Rehab says he has no reason to believe the exercise was meant to be malicious,
but it still perpetuates a stereotype linking all Muslims to terrorism.”

     Let’s take this from the top, shall we?  Law enforcement runs a mock hostage-taking drill involving a mosque; law enforcement responds, the hostages are freed and the bad guys are neutralized.

     Some questions that have not been answered:

     1. Who were the hostage takers?  Nowhere in the story do the words “Muslim terrorists” appear.  In fact, the “terrorists” were given generic names from a TV program.

     2.  It is safe to presume that a mosque, being a Muslim religious building, would be full of … Muslims.

     3.  Nowhere in the drill was the mosque identified as a threat.

     The above lead to more questions:

     1.  Why did CAIR assume the terrorists were Muslim?  (Note to CAIR: Not all Muslims are terrorists.)

     2.  Why doesn’t CAIR appreciate the fact that law enforcement ran a drill saving American Muslims from terrorists?  (And what does this lack of appreciation tell us about CAIR?)

     3.  Why did CAIR assume the mosque was a threat?  None of the articles regarding the drill stated that the mosque was seen as a threat.  (Again, what does this tell us about CAIR?)

     Ahmed Rehab was quoted,  “…but it still perpetuates a stereotype linking all Muslims to terrorism”.

     We only wish that Rehab had told us how the saving of American Muslims from unidentified terrorists “perpetuates a stereotype linking all Muslims to terrorism”.

     Even more outrageous was the terror-supporter Ahmed Rehab's demands for a meeting with Undersheriff Rick Robbins, who helped plan this exercise. Because Robbins allowed a phone call "meeting" to proceed, Rehab and CAIR can now tout this "conversation" with Robbins as a P.R. victory.

     Rehab, if he was really a law enforcement supporter, would have only said "Thank You" in that phone conversation.

     Instead, Rehab weaseled his way into the law enforcement fabric with Undersheriff Robbins, and as all good lackeys at the terror-front CAIR do, tried to slime himself into "partnering" with the Sheriff’s department on "security and sensitivity issues". This move alone by Rehab should give notice to the Sheriffs Department of Montgomery County that CAIR should be shunned from ever getting close to Law Enforcement. CAIR is a proven front group for the Muslim Brotherhood and was founded by members of Hamas.

     Undersheriff Robbins and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department should take serious note.  “Partnering”, meeting with, taking “training” from; or otherwise dealing with CAIR will demonstrate to the public that Robbin’s department clearly does not understand the threat of radical Islam in our country.  CAIR has been declared "unindicted co-conspirators" for its proven links to Islamic terror.

     Note to law enforcement professionals:  There is no law that requires you neither to respond to CAIR…nor to accept “sensitivity training” from Islamic terrorism front groups.

     The following is a very recent example of CAIR’s “assistance” to law enforcement.

     This example involves Virginia’s Fairfax County Police; an officer recently plead guilty to tipping off a terrorism suspect to FBI surveillance.

     Not only did Sgt. Weiss Rasool tip off a terrorism suspect to FBI surveillance, he and another officer, an officer that claimed to represent CAIR, successfully halted a terror training program in 2006 administered by the Higgins Center for Counter Terrorism Research.

     Yes, members of CAIR must be proud of CAIR’s continuing subversion of law enforcement.

     From IPT:

"Another officer who joined Rasool in complaining about the Higgins program works for
an area sheriff's department …that officer claimed to be a representative from the
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)"

     Another glaring example of infiltration/subversion?

     Note, Rasool remains on the force, despite the conviction, “under review” by his department.  This leads us to ask; if Rasool was not a Muslim, would his department hesitate to, at minimum, terminate his employment?  How many non-Muslim police officers are permitted to tip off terrorism suspects and keep their job?

     One last example:

     As Patrick Poole illustrates in CAIR-OH revisited, 1999: CAIR-OH rushes to aid pre-9/11 dry-run hijackers - it seems that when efforts to bolster security and law enforcement capabilities in America are thwarted for the sake of "Muslim sensitivities", CAIR’s black hand is never too far behind…dripping with blood.

     American Muslims must be especially "proud" that a terrorist front group is, once again, attacking law enforcement for doing its job.

     But how proud are they that CAIR is, once again, claiming to do it in their name...?


Andrew Whitehead

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