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March 11, 2004



- CAIR's War from Within


- CAIR - Canada; Spreading the “Big Lie”


-  CAIR - Condemning Terrorism?


- ACAIR: New Direction

CAIR's War from Within


  On March 9, 2004, an article was published in FrontPageMagazine telling the story of Army reserve Capt. Edwina McCall, a highly decorated, combat-qualified nurse who recently returned from a 12-month voluntary tour at the Landstuhl Army Hospital, Germany.  This story, co-written by ACAIR director Andrew Whitehead and FrontPageMagazine contributing editor Lee Kaplan has been well received and we invite our readers to see for themselves how the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) reacts to voices they fear and want to silence. 




CAIR-Canada: Spreading the “Big Lie”

On February 5th, 2004, the Canadian Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) called on Muslims to write to the University of Western Ontario Student Council to protest the actions of the The Israel Action Committee (IAC), a student club. 

  What had the IAC done to warrant the attention of North America’s premier militant Islam supporting group?  Called for the jailing of all Muslims?  Suggested placing all Muslims in internment camps?  Advocated violence against Muslims?  No?  Just exactly what did these Jews do to invoke the Wrath of CAIR-CAN? 


  According to CAIR-CAN, “The IAC recently handed out a hateful and malicious flyer that showed a picture of the burning World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 while clearly attributing the terrorist act to all Muslims and to Islam as a religion.”


  CAIR-CAN was good enough to provide the following links to the offending flyers:


1.  Understanding the Conflict.


2.  Middle East 101.


  Neither of these flyers accuses ALL Muslims.  Neither of these flyers is saying anything that militant Islamists haven’t already said. 


  This begs the question:  “Why is CAIR-CAN so upset with these flyers?”  Could it be that they see themselves being referred to?


  Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) invites our readers to see for themselves just how CAIR-Canada has taken up the “We are so oppressed” mantle from the CAIR national headquarters.  Let’s hope our Canadian friends are smart enough to reject this petty whining from a transplanted group of militant Islam supporters. 


  CAIR was begun by, and is currently led by supporters of militant Islam.  CAIR is the KKK of the Muslim movement and has absolutely nothing to add to the national discussion on religious rights.  We call on all North Americans to repudiate CAIR’s message of hate and bigotry.   


CAIR: Condemning Terrorism?


  On March 11th, 2004, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued the following statement in an “American Muslim News Brief”:




(WASHINGTON, D.C., 3/11/04) - The Council on American-Islamic Relations

(CAIR) today condemned deadly bomb attacks in Spain that left some 190 people dead. The blasts tore through commuter trains and stations on Thursday morning at the height of Madrid's rush hour.


In its statement, CAIR said:


"These vicious acts of terrorism deserve the strongest possible condemnation by all civilized people. We call for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators. Those who carry out such crimes only generate revulsion for whatever cause they espouse."


CAIR, America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, also reiterated its long-standing condemnation of all acts of terrorism, whether perpetrated by individuals, groups or states.”


  Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) notes that, once again, CAIR has failed to condemn the perpetrators of another militant-Islamist attack by name.  Why?  al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.  Just exactly how hard would it be for CAIR to condemn the al-Qaida network for their part in this atrocity? 


  How long will it take for Americans to wise up to the activities of CAIR, a militant-Islamist founded group that supports Islamic terrorist groups?  What are our elected representatives afraid of?


  America did not tolerate NAZI front groups in the USA during World War II; why do we tolerate militant Islam supporting groups in our country during our time of war against militant Islam? 


ACAIR: New Direction


  Anti-CAIR (ACAIR) was recently threatened with a lawsuit by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).  As a result of this action, ACAIR is taking a stronger, pro-active stance against CAIR.  We invite our readers to:


1.  Let us know when you are holding an anti-CAIR event.  Include the date/time/location and name(s) of speakers.  If the event is being held at a CAIR event, provide the names of CAIR’s speakers as well.  Send us copies of CAIR material such as handouts, flyers, etc.  Copies/links to newspaper articles would be helpful as well.  Personal stories and impression are also welcome.  We will try to announce your event and encourage others to attend.


2.  Write your representative!  Let them know you are keeping an eye on CAIR and that you do not appreciate hearing about your representative attending CAIR or CAIR sponsored events. 


3.  Spread the word.  Let your friends and family know just how you feel about CAIR and their activities in support of America’s enemies. 


4.  Tell the truth.  Do not spread lies, “internet rumors”, etc., about CAIR.  There is enough truthful information available to condemn CAIR without having to resort to untruthful name-calling or defamation.  The truth is an absolute defense against a charge of defamation.  Don’t say anything you can’t prove.


  If you need help or advice, contact us. 




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