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008/07  March 9, 2007

     CAIR Bigot Speaks Truth to Peaceful North American Muslim Community

     On Sunday, March 4th, a “Secular Islam Summit” began in Florida.

     The summit was organized in order to allow leading personalities in the anti-radical Islamist movement to coordinate and have their voices heard on the issue of radical Islam.

     Media host Glenn Beck was on hand to interview many of the participants and to get the reaction of America’s largest Islamic hate group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to a meeting in which CAIR was not invited.

     CAIR’s objection to the summit, other than being rightfully rejected as a participant, seems to be that the conference participants are not radical enough.  To date, none of the participants, unlike CAIR officials, has glorified Muslim suicide bombers, issued statements in support of Islamic terrorists, nor attempted to white wash CAIR’s activities on behalf of Islamic terrorism in North America and abroad. 

     Come to think of it, CAIR officials have nothing in common with any of the summit participants, including their religion…why would CAIR believe it has anything constructive to contribute to a peaceful summit?

     Ahmed Bedier, CAIR-Florida, seems to disagree:

“In order to have a legitimate dialogue, you need to bring the players to the table,
the Muslim organizations, the Muslim clergy. They’re already here in America
to be able to bring that message.”

     Having a CAIR-approved Muslim speaker to comment on the state of Islam in North America is rather like asking Hitler to comment on the state of the Jewish community.  What’s the point?

     Lest we mistakenly believe that CAIR represents “mainstream Islam” in North America, we close with Bedier’s response to a statement about the Koran:

“… the Koran is in the same form as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. 
The only version, true nature of the Koran is in the Arabic language…” 

     There we have it; from Allah’s mouth to Bedier’s ear…only the Council on American-Islamic Relations is fit to pass on who qualifies as a true Muslim in North America. 

     (What’s next, CAIR sanctioned arm bands for “approved” Muslims only?)

     We can only hope that non-Arabic speaking North American Muslims are paying attention…(what do they think about CAIR making them second-class Muslims)? 

     Too bad Glenn Beck forgot to ask Bedier if Allah hears the prayers of non-Arabic speaking Muslims ...

     (What do they think of Bedier’s new job as "Allah’s spokesman?")

     Bedier…just another dime-a-dozen, bought-and-paid-for Islamist bigot ...

Andrew Whitehead

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