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Anti-CAIR Press Release 009/03  

May 08, 2003  
News Briefs  
- ACAIR Supports Colorado Bill to Verify Visa Status of Students from Terrorism-Supporting Countries  
- ACAIR Questions Sincerity of CAIR's Offer of Assistance to Columbus, Ohio Public School System  
- ACAIR Condemns CAIR's Questioning of Statements Made by CAIR Leadership in Support of Islamism  
 -ACAIR Saddened by Hate Crimes Resolution Introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)  

 ACAIR Supports Colorado Bill to Verify Visa Status of Students from Terrorism-Supporting Countries  
      On May, 2003, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations / cair-net-org) issued a press release questioning a bill now before the Colorado Legislature that would require institutions of higher learning to annually verify the Visa status of students from selected countries,  The countries in question are those that are felt to be susceptible to, or under the influence of, groups known to be, or suspected of supporting Islamic terrorism.  The countries covered under the bill include: Iran, Iraq. Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.   
      As expected, CAIR immediately attacked the legislation.  According to CAIR Executive Director Mr. Nihad Awad: "It is unfortunate that the Colorado General Assembly would link the faith of Islam, followed by millions of Americans and one-fifth of the world's population, to terrorism.  If passed, this legislation will stigmatize all Muslim students in Colorado's universities and will further harm America's image in the Islamic world".  ACAIR questions whether Mr. Awad has actually read the proposed legislation, which does not call for stigmatizing Islam, only calling for common-sense Visa verification for students from terrorism supporting nations.  Once again, CAIR clearly demonstrates that the security of all Americans is permissible only if the link between radical Islam and terrorism is not exposed.  
      CAIR demonstrates that it is less of a "civil rights" organization and more of an "Islamic rights" organization with every press release they issue.  ACAIR reminds readers that CAIR was founded by terrorist supporters and has links with Islamist terrorism supporting countries.  CAIR is in no position to lecture the Colorado legislature, nor any other government body, on terrorism related issues.  
 The proposed Colorado legislation can be found at the following link:  (Advisory: PDF document)  
 ACAIR Questions Sincerity of CAIR's Offer of Assistance to Columbus, Ohio Public School System  
      On 6 May, CAIR issued a press release announcing that CAIR-Ohio branch President Mr. Ahmed Al-Akhras and Executive Director Mr. Jad Humeidan had met with Dr. Gene Harris, Superintendent of Columbus Public Schools to discuss "issues of importance to Muslim students and parents."  According to Mr. Al-Akhras, "The discussion was very fruitful and focused on joint projects between the school district and CAIR-Ohio.  We proposed as essay writing competition for middle and high school, volunteered our services for in-service training and discussed the recent federal guidance on prayer in public schools."  
      ACAIR points out the rank hypocrisy demonstrated by CAIR, a reputed "civil rights" organization in proposing and offering support for projects that exclude non-Islamic participants.  In addition, we question if Dr. Harris has permitted other religious groups to offer "in-service" training?  What would be the response of the Columbus Public School System to a request from a Catholic group to sponsor writing competitions?  How would the school system respond to a Jewish group offering to volunteer services and to discuss federal guidance on prayer in public schools?   
      CAIR is a terrorism supporting organization that has nothing to contribute to the public school systems in the United States.  Their beliefs, policies and particular brand of Islam are better suited to the Islamic theocracies of the Middle East.  For the Columbus Public School System to cooperate with CAIR is an insult to the community they serve.  We ask the Columbus Public Schools Systems to reconsider their ill-advised decision to cooperate with CAIR in any project.    
 ACAIR Condemns CAIR's Questioning of Statements Made by CAIR Leadership in Support of Islamism  
      In a press release dated April 29, 2003, CAIR included the following statement:  "Awad also noted that the alleged statement about the Quran by CAIR's board chairman was not in fact a quote. It was a paraphrase of remarks that were either reported inaccurately or wrongly attributed by a reporter at a small California newspaper. CAIR is seeking a retraction from that newspaper." (The full press release is available here:  
      The statements made by CAIR's board chairman, Mr. Omar M. Ahmad, included the following:  
      "Muslim institutions, schools and economic power should be strengthened in America.  Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam.  If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam."  Mr. Ahmad went on to say, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant.  The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."   
      These public statements, recorded by Ms. Lisa Gardiner of the San Ramon Valley Herald on July 4th,  1998 are the subject of CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad's claim of Mr. Omar Ahmad being quoted inaccurately.  ACAIR notes that is has been several weeks since Mr. Awad called for a retraction.  Has Mr. Awad received a retraction?  If he has, CAIR has failed to report so in its latest press releases.  Perhaps Mr. Awad should be reminded that it isn't possible to retract the truth?  
      ACAIR will keep a close lookout for the press release announcing the retraction.  We will also keep a close lookout for Mr. Awad's public apology to Ms. Gardiner for implying that she is a liar.  CAIR, the Ameriphobic Islamic terrorism supporting group finds itself, once again, trying to defend the indefensible.  
 ACAIR Saddened by Hate Crimes Resolution Introduced by Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL)  
      On 6 May, 2003, CAIR noted that U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) had introduced a resolution condemning bigotry and violence against Arab Americans, Muslims Americans, South-Asian Americans and Sikh Americans.  CAIR, reprinting the Senator's press release, had nothing to say about the content of the resolution.   
      ACAIR is saddened by the actions of the Senator in failing to condemn all religious and racial bigotry.  In particular, we note the following statement made by the Senator: "Major combat operations in Iraq may have ended, but unfortunately hate crimes against Arab Americans, Muslims, South-Asian Americans and Sikhs continue.  There is never a place for this kind of hatred in this country, but now, more than ever, we simply cannot allow prejudice to divide our nation.  These communities are an important part of America, and they must be protected."  
      ACAIR notes that religious bias crimes reported by the FBI have not risen appreciably in the past few years and that Jews (not mentioned as being in need of "protection") continue to suffer the brunt of religious hate crimes in the United  States.  ACAIR hopes that the Senator will revise his statement to be inclusive of all Americans and religious beliefs.  We believe it is important that all elected servants of the people stand up for the rights of all to the exclusion of none.   
      ACAIR notes that, once again, CAIR, the self-described "civil rights" group, has nothing to say about exclusionary statements made by public officials when they favor Islam.   

      ACAIR is a group of dedicated Americans united to tell the truth about the Council on American Islamic Relations, believed to be a anti-American Islamist hate group based in Washington, D.C.     
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