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009/05  March 1, 2005


CAIR Officer Claims Secret Searches Violate Rights of Local Muslims

    On February 24, Julia Shearson, director of the Cleveland office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) wrote a column printed in The Plain Dealer.

    In the column, Shearson implies that federal law enforcement authorities somehow violated the “rights” of Muslim businesses and individuals when computers and documents were seized at the office of a Muslim certified public accountant.  She readily acknowledges that the affidavits submitted in support of the warrant remain sealed which means that she has no more idea of why the search was conducted than any other citizen, but this doesn’t stop her from insinuating that federal law enforcement is somehow “violating” the constitutional rights of Muslims. 

    We’ve seen this type of thing from CAIR before: A Muslim owned business, school, or individual falls under suspicion of an unspecified crime and CAIR immediately attacks law enforcement or casts aspersions.

    Shearson grants that Americans want their government to investigate unlawful conduct, but says Americans expect investigations to stay within constitutional limits. However, she never tells us just what “constitutional limits” were breached. 

    The reason she can’t tell us is simple: law enforcement acted within the scope of the law and she knows it.

    Shearson finishes by writing:

“Now that we know, we can invoke our rights.”

     Naturally, Shearson, like most CAIR Officers, is keenly aware of "rights".

     Reading these and other statements by CAIR, one could be forgiven for believing that in CAIR’s America, Muslims are never to be investigated and always excused for supporting terror and radical Islam.  

     While CAIR has proven itself to be very good at calling for “rights”,  it seems to us that CAIR almost always completely forgets about its  “responsibility” to America, and its duty to support the war against terror  

Julia Shearson, CAIR officer, again reminds America just what CAIR stands for...

Andrew Whitehead

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