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009/08  June 8, 2008

     CAIR:  Intimidating Public School?

     On 31 May, Erica Mellon posted a blog entry to the "School Zone" titled "Friendswood superintendent: Islam presentation not meant for students".

     (The "School Zone" blog is sponsored by the Houston Chronicle; Ms.  Mellon is the Chronicle's education reporter.)

     In the blog post, Ms. Mellon quotes a letter by Trish Hanks, Friendswood Independent School District Superintendent.  From the letter:

"In response to an incident that occurred between students at Friendswood
Junior High School and the perception and fear that it caused to some involved,
Robin Lowe, principal, was contacted by the Council of American Islamic Relations
(CAIR) and told that they considered the incident a hate crime and had reported it
to the FBI. Mrs. Lowe and Sherry Green, Deputy Superintendent, attended a
meeting with representatives of CAIR."

     An unexplained "hate crime" has, according to CAIR, been committed and CAIR has reported the crime to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

     End of story?

     No.  Apparently, a report to the FBI isn't good enough.  From the letter:

"At the meeting, CAIR requested an opportunity to present factual and basic
information about Muslims to students at Friendswood Junior High School
since the school is predominantly Anglo Christian."

     Did CAIR intimidate the principal and deputy superintendent?  CAIR representatives report a "hate crime" and request time to do a presentation on Islam; no connection?

     Further confusing the issue, the Galveston Daily News reports that Asmara Siddiqi denies that CAIR contacted the FBI because "...the school decided to resolve the issue".

     This raises two questions:

     1)  Is CAIR now threatening school administrators to gain secret access to American school children?
     2)  Why was CAIR, with a proven track record of supporting Islamic terrorism, invited to the school in the first place? 

     The Friendswood School invited representatives of an Islamic-terrorist supporting organization to make a presentation to the most vulnerable of our citizens: our children.  What could these children possibly learn from a hateful organization like CAIR, one that is on record praising Islamic terrorist groups that have and continue to target and terror-murder innocent school children? 

     No representative of CAIR should be allowed access to any student, in any school, at any time, for any reason.  The insanity of allowing CAIR representatives into schools must end, now.  No administrator, at any level, should have the authority to grant CAIR access to children under any circumstances.


     The principal of Friendswood School has been "reassigned."

     Dr. Daniel Pipes, a well-known expert in the field of Islamist extremism, has commented on this case.
     For his thoughts: (link)


If you come across information regarding CAIR in the public/private schools, please let us know.  Include as much information as you have; name of school, presentation offered, when offered, who was/will be in attendance, dates/times, etc.  Our goal is to report any interaction between CAIR and school students/staff and hopefully work toward the day when all schools will, as a matter of course, refuse CAIR access to students or staff. 

CAIR has no legitimate reason to meet with school students or staff; help us make this a reality.


Andrew Whitehead

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