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011/05  March 23, 2005

CAIR:  The Truth About Dell Computer Corporation’s Muslim Contract Employee’s

  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) recently announced victory over Dell Corporation in a case of “religious accommodation”.

   From the above, a reader would be left with the impression that CAIR officers played a key part in the negotiations and settlement.

   Curiously absent from media accounts is an in-depth analysis of Dell’s position.  ACAIR contacted David Frink, Dell spokesman for Dell’s side of the story.  According to Frink:

“…as I mentioned when we spoke, the agreement reached is between Dell, Spherion
and the 31 Spherion employees contracted to work at Dell. With regard to CAIR,
I want to make it clear that the issue was settled locally in Nashville.”

   When queried about the secret agreement terms between CAIR and Dell, Frink made it clear that there is no agreement, secret or otherwise.

   Anti-CAIR has it from a reliable source that Dell Corporation stood up to CAIR’s strong-arm shakedown attempts at the meeting and CAIR was marginalized.

  …and when can we expect an apology from CAIR to Dell and everyone else who fell for this latest prevarication?   

Andrew Whitehead

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